Apple Acquires Artificial Intelligence Firm Lattice Data for Around $200 Million

Apple Acquires Artificial Intelligence Firm Lattice Data for Around $200 Million

US tech giant Apple Inc. scored a major disruption within Artificial Intelligence landscape as it picked up Lattice Data for $200 million. The latest acquisition of the AI-enable data mining company spells the arrival of machine learning capabilities into core data crunching ecosystem.

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According to TechCrunch (the first to report the news), around twenty Lattice engineers have joined Apple, even as the deal was closed a fortnight ago. The Menlo Park-based startup was founded by Christopher Ré, Michael Cafarella, Raphael Hoffmann, and Feng Niu. An outcome of the Stanford research project DeepDive, Lattice Data unlocks the value in dark data to solve critical world issues. It is still unclear how Apple would use Lattice Data team within its existing AI/ML ecosystem.

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This is the second significant acquisition by Apple focusing on AI/ML domains. Last year in August, the mammoth tech firm bought Turi to push its feet forward into artificial intelligence division. However, it is still unclear if Turi and Lattice teams would collaborate on the same projects, or will work independently.

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