BloomReach Releases AI-Enabled Open Digital Experience Platform for Content Personalization

BloomReach Releases AI-Enabled Open Digital Experience Platform for Content Personalisation

BloomReach DXP harnesses the power of AI and Hippo’s web content management system to deliver personalized digital experiences across customer touchpoints

BloomReach, the leader in personalized digital experiences, released an open and intelligent digital experience platform (DXP) by leveraging technology from Hippo, an open source content management platform it acquired last October.

DXP is an integration of BloomReach’s Relevance Engine, an AI-powered e-commerce personalization platform, and Hippo’s web content management system (WCM). It harnesses the power of AI to improve the entire site experience. The platform drives one-to-one personalized experiences in real time across the entire customer journey. It also offers a set of analytics for digital marketers and merchandisers to maximize business outcomes.

Raj De Datta, CEO, BloomReach, remarked, “Companies don’t need to be stuck with the significant issues caused by having an army of marketers, financial consultants and IT systems integrators to fix conflicting rules, detangle JavaScript and determine ROI from point-solution vendors. BloomReach DXP provides a streamlined integration that has proven applications for the entire customer journey – from acquisition to retention and loyalty.”

First Self-learning DXP to Determine Visitor Intent

The company claims it to be the first self-learning DXP with semantic understanding of content and the ability to determine consumer demand and visitor intent. Leveraging AI, it can understand the context behind every customer interaction, whether online or offline. Based on that learning, it delivers personalized content to any digital experience on the mobile site, app, desktop, kiosk, display, with an experience-as-a-service approach.

BloomReach DXP is plugged into external data sources and third-party platforms to fully understand the voice of the customer by analyzing search, behavioral, channel, and content-specific data and combining that data. In addition, it offers open source architecture by working closely with open source Hippo Community. This gives businesses an advantage to reusing content and services across multiple environments.

Three Core Modules of BloomReach DXP

DXP comprises of three basic modules- BloomReach Personalization, BloomReach Experience, and BloomReach Organic. BloomReach Experience, formerly the Hippo CMS Enterprise Edition, is an open platform that integrates data, content and application services to drive customer acquisition across marketing channels. The marketing mediums include online and in-store commerce experiences, customer community and self-service, and all supporting employee experiences. BloomReach Organic optimizes customer acquisition through an organic search at scale.

BloomReach Personalization gives commerce businesses personalized site-search, personalized category pages, personalized recommendations and a set of merchandising analytics and impact tracking tools.

Since its inception in 2009, BloomReach secured $97M in funding. In January last year, it received its biggest investment worth $56M. Apart from Hippo, it made another acquisition of Shoplogic, an e-commerce promotion website in 2013. Its portfolio of customers includes Neiman Marcus, Staples, REI, Mailchimp, and Autodesk.

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