Cloudera Helps Drive Midea’s Business Innovation and Achieve Rapid Growth in Revenue


Leading Global Home Appliance Provider Establishes Transformative Model For The Manufacturing Field

Cloudera Inc, the leading provider of the modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics, announced that Midea Group, a leading global home appliance provider headquartered in Guangdong, China, has deployed Cloudera Enterprise for its advanced analytics platform to support the company’s digital transformation.

midea logoWith Cloudera, Midea has been able to resolve three core issues, namely finding users, creating products that meet demand and identifying reasonable prices in order to complete sales. This has allowed Midea to successfully transform its business model from a large-scale low-cost production model to an innovative, technology-driven model. The success of Midea’s digital transformation has led to high income growth for the business in 2016, with profit growth reaching more than 20%. As a result of Midea’s solid foundation using their “Turn on Midea” strategy, they aim to explore new industries with technology innovations.

Previously, the company’s technology system was slow compared to currently available solutions. All the data collected from over 10,000 flagship stores, over 300 million users and numerous partners, suppliers and channels needed to be fully integrated. The company ultimately decided to restructure and centralize its IT system.

“Selecting the right advanced analytics platform and vendor is critical to ensuring a successful big data strategy. Through a rigorous selection process among several vendors, we decided to work with Cloudera as they offered the best value, technical ability, and infrastructure support,” said Huang Kan, General Manager of the Cloud Data Business Unit at Midea. “Cloudera demonstrated its support for Spark 2.0, improved data security control, metadata management capabilities, and data recovery and backup capabilities. It also helped us complete Midea’s big data security assessment and provide regular system inspections to maintain its high level of integrity and availability. Through our efforts, we are transforming the practical experience we’ve gained from working with advanced analytics into new techniques that can help other manufacturing enterprises in China.”

Cloudera has been a key partner in helping Midea to implement its big data strategy since 2014. With strengthened data analysis capabilities, the advanced analytics platform has enabled smoother and safer operation of Midea’s core applications, including the “crystal ball” data integration application for business management, the “star-gazing platform” application for external market analysis platform, and the “seismograph” application for customer service system.

“Cloudera is working with Midea and assisting in its digital transformation,” said Qi Ling, General Manager and Vice President of Cloudera Greater China. “Cloudera is committed to using innovative technology to help enterprises improve product and services efficiency by building better data-driven products to drive overall business value for our customers. We look forward to working together with more manufacturing enterprises and making advanced analytics the industry’s ‘smart’ driving force and achieve even more innovative results.”

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