DataFox Reports Record Growth Fueled By New Fortune 500 Partnerships

The Leader in CRM Orchestration Helps High-Growth Business Teams Bring AI into the Workplace to Gain Control of Insights and Increase Revenue.

DataFox announced that it has grown 150% Year-over-Year (YOY) and tripled the number of its Fortune 500 customers. Its exceptional growth has sparked a major hiring initiative as well as plans to secure a larger office for their San Francisco headquarters, to accommodate a growing team of engineers and data scientists.

Bastiaan Janmaat, Co-Founder and CEO, Datafox
Bastiaan Janmaat, Co-Founder and CEO, Datafox

“This is an incredible acceleration point. Customers are seeing the immediate benefits of investing in our solutions that automate grunt work and help guide better, and faster decision-making,” said Bastiaan Janmaat, DataFox Co-Founder and CEO. “DataFox has been able to improve the way people approach their jobs in sales, marketing, and other growth functions by helping them find, orchestrate, and leverage CRM data so they can focus on what matters most – building relationships and growing their business.”

The Artificial Intelligence Boom Leads to The Need for CRM Orchestration

“Managing customer data in the cloud and allowing seamless access to millions of data points expedite how quickly we can take action on key opportunities. Ultimately, DataFox can help increase the number of deals sourced by helping to identify and prioritize business opportunities that would otherwise be missed. It’s an exciting time as a sales leader to leverage powerful CRM orchestration technology,” said Jake Biskar, Head of Sales Development at Rainforest QA.

DataFox CRM Orchestration helps hundreds of businesses to:

  • Identify and acquire key insights from over 2 million companies and 3,000 conferences that enable them to grow their businesses and build relationships.
  • Connect data from disparate marketing and sales technologies to get a full picture of their CRM’s health and receive enhancements to proprietary datasets.
  • Access DataFox’s real-time insights for targeted opportunity identification and customer expansion.
  • Build workflows from 70 signal types covering 100,000 new signals aggregated every week to receive exactly the insights needed for specific jobs.

DataFox customers and partners include Salesforce, Marketo, Slack, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Twilio, and Greenhouse. “We are delighted that DataFox has attracted partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, which has generated demand for DataFox’s expanding range of solutions, and resulted in 150% year-over-year growth,” said Rana Yared, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and DataFox investor.

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