Elafris First to Add Alexa Voice to Its Omnichannel AI Agent Platform

Elafris First to Add Alexa Voice to Its Omnichannel AI Agent Platform

Elafris, a supplier of the first AI-powered virtual agent platform for the insurance industry, announced today that it has added Alexa Voice support to its Omnichannel AI Service Offering. The addition of Alexa support to Elafris’ AI-powered virtual agents enables insurers to serve their customers seamlessly between Facebook Messenger, text, and any Alexa-enabled device.

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Elafris’ AI Core Links to Amazon Alexa to Sync Service Delivery

Jake Diner Founder and CEO at Elafris
Jake Diner, Founder and CEO at Elafris

Jake Diner, Elafris CEO, said, “Policyholders are impatient with poorly synchronized service delivery across communication channels. They often give up in frustration. The Elafris AI core is specifically designed to solve this pain point. As the common AI engine, it integrates and adapts to the current and future communications platforms, delivering a uniform customer experience, and allowing insurers to make a long-term investment in the universal AI core that integrates with whatever comes next. Amazon Alexa is a great example of future technology available today, and I am proud to announce that Elafris is now the first AI-powered agent platform in the world to support this communication channel.”

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Elafris Integrating AI/ML into Messenger Platform for Uniform CX

Elafris is pioneering the integration of Artificial Intelligence into messenger platforms, precisely tailored for the insurance industry. Elafris’ Omnichannel AI Service provides a consistent support experience to policyholders, with uninterrupted continuity between devices. This means that policyholders can pick up where they left off, in the middle of the night, weeks later and on a different device.

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Founded by InsurTech & IT veterans, Elafris helps insurers engage better with the growing digital and mobile customer segments. Today, Elafris’ AI platform is used by a growing number of major national insurance companies.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Elafris, Inc. is the developer of the first Artificial Intelligence messaging platform specifically tailored for the banking and insurance industries. The company’s AI messaging platform leverages Neural Networks and Machine Learning technologies to create virtual insurance agents that eliminate waiting times and response lag for insurance customers, whenever they need to communicate with their provider, file a claim or buy an add-on product.

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