Gravity4 Launches Mona Lisa, an AI Digital Assistant to Optimize Campaigns

Gravity4 Launches Mona Lisa, an AI Digital Assistant to Optimize Campaigns

The AI Digital Assistant led to $5M in annualized revenue in 60 days, for a new brand under a pilot program

Gurbaksh Chahal,
Gurbaksh Chahal, Founder & CEO, Gravity4.

Big data marketing cloud, Gravity4 launched Mona Lisa, the first artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant for online advertising across 19 countries.

Mona Lisa’s Machine Learning (proprietary AI technology) prediction management platform helps brands forecast which media channels would achieve optimal results in a programmatic environment.

“Unlike traditional analysis, Mona Lisa’s machine learning thrives on growing datasets. The more data fed into its machine-learning platform, the more it can learn and apply the results to higher quality insights,” said founder and CEO, Gurbaksh Chahal, Gravity4.

“This platform further separates us from Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.”

Chahal sees tremendous opportunity for AI in the advertising market that has grown to $200 billion worldwide. Mona Lisa is the company’s answer to the old brand budget problem of not knowing what percentage of the marketing works. It provides guidance on which media channels to tune to, which to divest, and which to automatically accelerate. Mona Lisa’s programmatic machine learning improves the efficiency and effectiveness of customer engagement.

How does it work?

Mona Lisa applies a deep learning neural network to data that customers directly input or through Gravity4’s proprietary App Center. The algorithms use automated lookalike modeling, lead scoring, collaborative filtering, classification, regression, and decision trees, in addition to recommendation engines, clustering, topic modeling, and sequential pattern mining.

mona lisa gravity4
Photo courtesy- Gravity4

By implementing these investigative rules based on metrics and a curated dataset to train the algorithm, brands can direct their teams to focus on strategy rather than manual tasks.

Mona Lisa contributes to a brand’s $5M growth

Miami-based Gravity4 has globally tested Mona Lisa under a closed pilot over the past year. A new brand, for example, went from zero to $5M in annualized revenue in just 60 days of using Mona Lisa’s predictive analysis.

Brandon Fishman, the CEO, Internet Marketing Inc, and VitaCup, said: “This pilot project has been a breakthrough opportunity for my team and me, to understand AI technology. Mona Lisa effectively analyzed each visitor’s behavior and enabled real-time campaign optimization for an audience that was likely to convert even for a new brand. In the analytics, we could see clusters and segments most likely to respond to our product, and we’ve witnessed incredible results.” Internet Marketing is a full-service agency and VitaCup offers Vitamin-infused beverages.

Moreover, Mona Lisa eliminates the old method of copy pasting data in Excel to compare media placements. “We let Mona Lisa handle the cumbersome process of media buying, optimization and placement autonomously. We had more time to focus on the brand strategy. With our success of launching online first, we now have offline distribution offers from various large retail chains,” said Fishman.

Founded in 2014, Gravity4 is the first high-frequency marketing OS integrated on one platform. The company has made 10 acquisitions in the field of paid search, cross-device mapping, multiscreen advertising, and online marketing among others.

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