IBM and Continuum Analytics Join Forces to Offer Anaconda Open Data Science Platform on IBM Cognitive Systems

IBM + Continuum Analytics ANACONDA

IBM has announced that it has partnered with Continuum Analytics to offer Anaconda, a leading Open Data Science platform, on IBM Cognitive Systems.  Following this announcement, Anaconda will also integrate with the PowerAI software distribution for machine learning and deep learning that makes it simple and fast to take advantage of Power performance and GPU optimization for data intensive cognitive workloads.

By optimizing Anaconda on Power, developers will gain seamless access to the libraries in the IBM PowerAI Platform for exploration and deployment in Anaconda Enterprise.

Travis Oliphant, Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist at Continuum Analytics, says, “With more than 16 million downloads to date, Anaconda is empowering leading businesses across industries worldwide with tools to identify patterns in data, uncover key insights and transform basic data into a goldmine of intelligence to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

IBM’s PowerAI is built to accelerate enterprise adoption of the open-source machine and deep learning frameworks used to build cognitive applications. The AI platform reduces the complexity and risks that accompany the process of deploying open source frameworks for enterprises on the Power architecture and is tuned for high performance. With PowerAI, clients can realize the benefit of enterprise support on IBM Cognitive Systems HPC platforms used in the most demanding commercial, academic, and hyper-scale environments.

“Anaconda is an important capability for developers building cognitive solutions, and now it’s available on IBM’s high performance deep learning platform,” said Bob Picciano, senior VP of Cognitive Systems.

“Anaconda on IBM Cognitive Systems empowers developers and data scientists to build and deploy deep learning applications that are ready to scale.”

Deep learning is one of the fastest growing fields of machine learning, as it helps in realizing the capabilities to process enormous datasets with millions or even billions of elements and extract useful predictive models. In 2017, deep learning is transforming the businesses of leading consumer Web and mobile application companies, and it is quickly being adopted by more traditional business enterprises as well.

The Anaconda platform brings powerful capabilities for large-scale data processing, predictive analytics, and scientific computing to simplify package management and deployment. Developers using open source ML/DL components will now be able to use Power as the deployment platform and take advantage of Power optimization & GPU differentiation for NVIDIA.

In addition to offering the latest features on Anaconda, IBM and Continuum Analytics would expand their collaboration to grow support for the OpenPOWER Foundation, which recently announced the OpenPOWER Machine Learning Work Group (OPMLWG). The new group includes members like Google, NVIDIA, and Mellanox to provide a forum for collaboration that will help define frameworks for the productive development and deployment of machine learning solutions using OpenPOWER ecosystem technology.

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