Instana Adds AI-Powered Analysis For AWS Products

Instana Adds AI-Powered Analysis For AWS Products

Instana to Showcase Next-Generation APM Solution at AWS re:Invent 2017 Highlighting AI and Automation to Provide One Management Platform Delivering Visibility Across Every Application Environment

As part of their presence at AWS re:Invent 2017 next weekInstana announced the ability for its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven application performance management (APM) solution to discover, analyze and monitor Amazon Web Services (AWS). By applying AI-powered analysis, Instana provides customers with comprehensive visibility and performance management across their hybrid application environment, including legacy, containerized and cloud-native services from a single monitoring solution.

Instana’s extended visibility into hybrid application environments includes CloudWatch data, providing contextual intelligence and performance management beyond the isolated CloudWatch dashboard. This improved capability encompasses traditional and modern dynamic applications providing a full stack view as one contiguous environment with the ability to drill down and investigate details in any of the underlying services and infrastructure.
As Instana extends its understanding into the AWS products, it provides:
  • Automatic discovery and incorporation of metrics through CloudWatch of the many AWS products.
  • End to end visibility and tracking of service requests extending into AWS products.
  • The application of neural networks to predict and avoid service impact.
  • Automatic root cause analysis of service degradation, correlating AWS events into Instana Incident Analysis.
  • Automatic ingestion of AWS tags for investigating AWS product performance and optimization opportunities across services and availability zones.
Instana Adds AI-Powered Analysis For AWS Products
Mirko Novakovic

“Our customers are operating hybrid environments made up of traditional, cloud and containerized microservice applications. DevOps teams need full visibility into the holistic environment to be able to properly manage performance and quality of their business applications. We are excited to extend Instana’s mapping, graphing and tracing to include AWS products and give our customers visibility and intelligence across their entire application ecosystem,” said Mirko Novakovic, Instana founder and CEO.

“As organizations shift toward the cloud, they will not abandon their traditional data center and applications immediately.  They will build new, more dynamic application architectures using hybrid application environments and leverage new cloud services. It will be quite challenging to manage the performance and availability across these architectures. Instana’s AI-powered APM visualizes the application’s structure across hybrid application environments, old and new, providing the intelligent analysis and performance monitoring required by modern operations teams,” said Bojan Simic, Founder and Chief Analyst at Digital Enterprise Journal.

Continuing to innovate to customers’ needs, Instana is developing capabilities to monitor and understand AWS Lambda, serverless computing functions which allow users to run code without provisioning or managing servers. Leveraging their extensible dependency data model, Instana will invest to enable AI-driven analysis and performance management of Lambda function quality and its impact on overall business processing.

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