Introducing the Protagonist Platform, A Narrative Analytics Solution That Uses Data Science to Expose Comprehensive Market Landscapes Without Limit or Bias

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Protagonist is the company that brings strategic advantage to corporate marketers by compiling and evaluating the full range of beliefs that drive consumer behavior. Protagonist delivers Narrative Analytics, which provide a comprehensive marketing landscape driven by natural language processing and machine learning, as well as human expertise.

By combining social science and data science to surface “beliefs at scale” the company allows leaders to harness narratives to their advantage to build and empower brand reputations, launch new products, fuel advocacy campaigns, and understand and activate target audiences.

First Software Platform Specifically Designed to Analyze Complex, Cross-Platform Datasets

Protagonist – the Narrative Analytics company, formerly known as Monitor 360, today announced the introduction of the Protagonist Platform, the first software platform specifically designed to analyze complex, cross-platform datasets to reveal the underlying beliefs and motivations of consumers. The Protagonist Platform uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning to uncover and measure the narratives that impact a given market, while the company’s team of narrative experts apply high-level evaluation to give actionable meaning to the findings for CMOs and other marketers, communicators and business unit leaders.

Traditional focus groups, polls, and social listening give companies a static and heavily one-sided glimpse of their audience, which can lead to bad marketing decisions. They also often take too long to be truly actionable for today’s marketers. The Protagonist Platform evaluates diverse sources at scale and assembles a comprehensive overview of all the beliefs in play, so marketers can act on information, not intuition.

“For the past ten years, Protagonist has rigorously observed and analyzed the way that beliefs function in the world, and we were never content with the inherent biases and limits of scope in traditional market research,” said Aaron Harms, EVP of Product and Technology at Protagonist. “Over the last two years, we’ve been building a platform that combines that expertise with the explosion of technical innovation, such as natural language processing and machine learning happening at the same time. The Protagonist Platform is the final product of that synthesis.”

Capabilities of the Protagonist Platform

The Protagonist Platform combines highly sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning capabilities in order to process and assign meaning to massive datasets, across mediums. Unlike social media analysis or customer surveys, analytics delivered by the Protagonist Platform provide a comprehensive representation of narrative signals, incorporating thousands of data points and specially tailored considerations. Protagonist’s staff of Narrative Experts use these findings to create detailed Narrative Analytics reports that outline the forces at play in the market, their importance and implications, and the strategies for engaging with them.

Narrative Analysis and Strategy

In Narrative Analysis, experts leverage the Protagonist Platform to sift through enormous volumes of unstructured data and articulate the relevant narratives for a business or industry. Narrative Analysis exposes both the competitive landscape and the customer base. Each narrative is then assigned an impact score to illustrate its relative level of influence. The Protagonist Platform tracks trends and maps them together to identify opportunities for growth, distinction, and customer activation, so CMOs can make more informed decisions.

Narrative Subscription

Subscription applies Narrative Analytics over a period of time in order to map the ways that narratives change and assess the efficacy of customer and competitor actions. This enables businesses to apply new marketing strategies and tracks the way they interplay with the existing belief patterns, bringing hard metrics to brand influence.

Narrative Playbook

Playbooks distil the findings of Narrative Analytics into consistent actionable tactics, isolating the specific messaging, channels, content and influencers that drive positive behaviors, so CMOs can understand exactly which messages will translate into leads and increase influence.
The Protagonist Platform powers insights for organizations including General Mills, MetLife, Warner Brothers, and Microsoft, as well as many others.

Brands are at their most powerful and resilient when they can tap into the deep beliefs that motivate their audiences,” said Doug Randall, CEO of Protagonist. “Protagonist gives CMO’s the insight to understand narratives so that they can guide, rather than simply react to, those deeply held beliefs.”

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