Marchex Launches Audience Targeting for Social and Display


Marchex, a mobile advertising analytics company, announced the launch of Marchex Audience Targeting, a new solution that leverages call data to automatically build high-value audience segments for display and social media platforms like Facebook.

By helping brands understand who is calling, and what they’re calling about, Marchex Audience Targeting empowers marketers with the ability to target high intent audiences with their Facebook and display campaigns. Marketers can now fine-tune campaigns down to specific audience segments that are most likely to convert to customers, or find new segments and opportunities that haven’t been targeted before.

“Many of our customers rely on phone calls to drive appointments and sales, but they don’t have an effective way to identify callers who did not convert, or retarget them through popular platforms like Facebook. This lack of insight makes it difficult to follow-up with prospects and convert them into customers,” said Nikhil Kolar, head of product and engineering. “Marchex Audience Targeting helps digital marketers go back and retarget their lost callers through Facebook and display ads, ensuring more prospects turn into customers.”

Powered by Marchex Speech Analytics and direct API integration with Facebook’s Offline Conversions solution, Marchex Audience Targeting enables marketers to maximize their marketing opportunities and produce custom audiences that can result in new sales for the business.

The release of caller-based Audience Targeting comes on the heels of Marchex Speech Analytics, part of the Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud. Together, these three offerings create a powerful portfolio of solutions for marketers, operations professionals, and distributed retail professionals who need to understand what media channels are driving spend to their brand, whether phone calls are resulting in positive business outcomes for the company, and which high-value callers to retarget.

“Marketers are increasingly viewed as profit centers, responsible for driving revenue,” said Guy Weismantel, EVP of marketing at Marchex. “The power of caller-based Audience Targeting comes from giving marketers another opportunity to identify prospects most likely to result in a positive business outcome, whether that’s a sale or an appointment.”

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