Microsoft’s Bing Launches Bots for Local Businesses

Microsoft's Bing Launches Bots for Local Businesses

Bots are created automatically from business data in Bing Places for Free

Microsoft has launched a service for businesses called Bing Business bot as part of the updates to its Bot framework. This new service allows businesses to quickly and easily create a FAQ bot that customers can chat with inside Bing search results.

Now, users of the Microsoft Bot Framework can publish their bots in Bing search results where users can not just look up or discover a business but also chat with their bot directly. Bing bots can be built using Bot Builder SDK and connect them to the Bing channel
The Bing Business Bot efficiently manages customer communication so that they can focus on running their business.

How it works

The Bing bot development experience allows users to publish their bots to Bing. People will also be able to chat with the bot directly on The Bing Business Bot is created after the business owner feeds the data into Bing Places. It asks some series of structured questions about the business and then gathers all information to create a chatbot for free.

To answer the questions it does not know, the bot reaches out to the business and remembers the answers for future communication. Questions are referred to the business phone number if they cannot be answered immediately. Currently only available for restaurants, Microsoft will eventually make it available to other sectors soon.

Over time, Microsoft will also add transaction capabilities to the bot (booking, payments). Bing has the capacity to make Search Engine Results (SERP) page interactive.

These bots will work across sites and apps,after local business choose from the variety channels. The channels include many popular services, such as Bing, Cortana, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Slack, Skype and many more. Skype and Web Chat are pre-configured. With Business Bots, Microsoft has made chatbots (and AI) immediately accessible to SMBs.

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