MoEngage Sherpa Has Auto-Pilot Machine Learning Capabilities Built to Scale the Marketing Automation Landscape

MoEngage Sherpa: Built to Scale Marketing Automation Landscape without Humans

2 years, 60-odd employees and seed funding of close to $5 Million. This is what it took the San-Francisco and Bangalore-based user-engagement platform to come up with a cutting-edge machine learning product, Sherpa. Launched in December 2016, MoEngage Sherpa is exactly what the marketers want their marketing automation tools to do. That is, to remove any and all human interventions.

Built to run on auto-pilot, MoEngage’s latest baby allows marketers to be pro-active with their marketing funnel rather than waiting for the analytics to come through. However, this Sherpa’s expedition hasn’t been a breezy climb whatsoever by any means.

Here’s a quick recount on how MoEngage landed with a Sherpa in its brood.

MoEngage and its Himalayan Attitude

MoEngage, co-founded by Raviteja Dodda and Yashwanth Kumar, had a rather humble beginning. It initially catered to e-commerce and hyper-local markets, offering mobile-first and mobile-only solutions and services. Quickly pouncing on the booming SaaS domain, MoEngage has acquired a strong list of clients from various segments—retail, travel and hospitality, telecommunications and on-call cab services.

Primarily focusing on Southeast Asian market, the latest tech-innovator in mobile app marketing made news in 2015 by acquiring $4.25 million in Series A funding  from Helion Venture Partners, supported by Exfinity Ventures, The Alchemist Accelerator and angel investors Kunal Bahl, Rohit Bansal, and Raghunandan G.

MoEngage Sherpa exemplifies machine-learning based capabilities to automatically optimize and predict key components of marketing automation. Marketers can target audience with higher precision using right messaging and social engagement channels at the best time of interaction. Marketing automation based on machine-learning capabilities is very much the martech tool every marketer would love to explore further in 2017.





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