Motion AI Simplifies the Creation of Chatbots with Bot Store

Motion AI Simplifies the Creation of Chatbots with Bot Store

At Bot Store, businesses can easily get, customize and deploy pre-built bots that offer turn-key templates for common chat bot user cases

Bot-building platform, Motion AI, unveiled Bot Store where companies of any size or individuals can get, customize and deploy pre-built bots for their businesses in minutes on Facebook messenger, Twitter, Slack, SMS, and many more messaging platforms.

Motion AI has gone a step ahead by simplifying bot creation with readily available templates at its store.  It offers turn-key templates for many chatbot use cases namely, customer service assistance, survey, meeting scheduling, public transit, resume, musician band and more. Developers, with zero programming skills, can also opt to build their bots from scratch.

Motion AI’s CEO, David Nelson said: “Our focus at Motion AI has been to significantly simplify the creation of chatbots.  The platform dramatically reduces the amount of effort and cost associated with building and deploying a bot. The introduction of Bot Store makes it even easier for companies to launch bots on the platform by providing in-depth templates that, in many cases, require little to no coding or training for customers.”

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The Bot templates at Bot Store

Bot Store is built on top of Motion AI’s leading visual bot-building platform. It is simple to integrate bots with third party APIs, databases and services as Bot Store allow coders to deploy Node.js code directly from the Motion AI interface.

Uber, UPS, the Washington Post, Dominos, Burger King, CNN, Expedia, and Nike are among the leading brands that have already created a bot through this medium and are positioned prominently in the directory. Brands are shaking hands with bot makers as they have realized the potential of app messaging tools like Facebook messenger, Line, WeChat and much more, in connecting with existing and prospective customers. Bots eliminate the need of replying to messages manually with its AI-powered automation technique. Some of the prominent bot builders are,,, and However, none have ventured into the bot store space.

Bot makers provide artificial intelligence powered natural language processing, sentiment analysis and cognitive understanding of customer conversations. CRM chatbot of a shopping portal,  for instance, will let you know if the product is in stock and suggest an alternative, and in case it is unable to solve the query, it will connect you to the company representative via call and email. Bots understand and respond to simple questions like “What is the current offer?”, “Do you deliver to this pin code?”, and also the difficult ones depending on the Q&A feed provided by brands for bot building to automate the process and enhance user engagement.

In addition to text, bots offer image text and text with buttons which can be more engaging. Facebook messenger offers carousel of images with text that triggers optimized results.  Despite the billions of user base of these messaging platforms, bots have simplified communication between brands and customers.

Over 40,000 chatbot developers use Motion AI that has processed over 12 million messages.

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