Next IT Launches AI Initiative to Deliver Technology in Ready-for-Business Package

Next IT

Next It Aims To Democratize Ai Technology With Its Initiative To Make Their Proprietary Ai Tools And Conversation Platform Commercially Available To Diverse Businesses

Next IT, the Spokane, Washington-based provider of conversational AI for the Global 5000, has announced a new initiative to help every enterprise succeed with AI. Next IT is making their proprietary AI tools and conversation platform commercially available from today. By placing their tools directly in the hands of businesses, Next IT aims to democratize AI technology.

Next IT Ushers in an Era of Delivering Packaged AI Technology Bundles to Businesses

Next IT
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The company’s AI technologies span Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), human-human and human-machine conversation analysis, and leverage a library of 90,000 business intents and 165,000 unique actions gathered across 11 industries. Their runtime conversation platform, the most inclusive on the market, can integrate with any front- or back-end system and supports secure user interactions on any endpoint.

Next IT’s decision to offer these proprietary technologies independently to the market marks a watershed moment in the commercialization of AI technologies, which have, for the most part, been secured within “black box” platforms, inaccessible to AI buyers who need greater control and customization.

Customers can Hand pick AI Tools Based on their Needs

Empowering customers and partners to hand-pick from Next IT’s proven platform, AI technologies, and extensive libraries, helps them quickly identify, adapt, build, and deploy conversational AI solutions that meet their customers’ unique needs.

Tracy Malingo, President of Next IT, said, “It’s time for AI to be packaged and delivered in whatever manner a business needs to be successful. The walled gardens of proprietary platforms made vendor selection an impossible choice between trade-offs and compromises for customers. Today, Next IT is once again leading the way – in addition to our best-in-class Alme Enterprise solutions, customers can now buy what they need and get what they want.”

Along with the component technologies, Next IT will continue to offer their industry-leading Alme Enterprise solutions, which the company has delivered for decades and are proven to drive significant value for the Global 5000. This initiative helps ensure Next IT continues to lead the advancement of— and investment in — human-machine interactions in a rapidly evolving market.

Conversation Intelligence and Conversation Experience tools Part of the New AI Platform

The AI technologies Next IT is offering to a private beta, followed by general availability on a rolling basis, include Conversation Intelligence and Conversation Experience tools. As parts of Next IT’s proven Alme conversational AI platform – in use today by large enterprises across the globe – each of Next IT’s technologies leverages massive data libraries and deployments in production environments.

Alme Conversation Intelligence: A Quick Overview

Alme Libraries provides a comprehensive picture of how people communicate with automated assistants across domains. Consisting of 20 Million+ real-world labeled user questions; 750k+ unique terms; 1.6 Million + concept patterns; 90,000+ business intents; and 165k+ unique, pre-defined actions gathered across 11 industries, Alme Libraries represent one of the world’s richest data sets for predicting human behavior and language and refining conversational AI solutions for flexibility and faster customer success.

Cue AI analyzes large volumes of unstructured data for immediate insight on which areas of your business where your bot, or intelligent virtual assistant, should be deployed to optimize ROI.

Prompt AI discovers and creates business intent by categorizing large amounts of natural language ideas together to prioritize, test, and deploy language understanding.

Trace AI identifies trends, risk, and improvement opportunities, and makes recommendations on those opportunities while continuously learning from user interactions.

Alme Conversation Experience Serves as the Cornerstone of Intelligence Revolution

Alme Conversation Platform is the most inclusive and extensible runtime AI platform, serving as the cornerstone of the intelligence revolution. The runtime platform leverages a pluggable architecture to drive and grow integrated context, conversation state, and content which supports secure user interactions on any endpoint.

Next IT’s flagship Context IQ Engine leverages numerous NLP techniques guaranteeing precision, accuracy, and outcomes. It supports full conversational attributes including multiple languages, two-way and mixed-initiative dialogue, goals, full regression testing, and the ability to eliminate risk and apply human influence for scoring.

Next IT Aiming to Make AI Available to Support Complex B2C Interactions

Next IT’s Prompt Predict Engine leverages self-learning and is suited for implementations that do not require full personalization and contextual integration. Next IT enables upgrading from Alme AI to the Context IQ Engine when your business is ready to support more complex interactions.

Author AI, Next IT’s natural language generation content management system, enables business users to access and manage digital interactions and responses across endpoints and multiple conditions for business intents.

Conversation Designer enables users to visually design how conversations should look, feel and be experienced, giving you full control over your user experience.

Alme Lab is a visual IDE for modeling the precise language a bot or intelligent assistant needs to understand, including clarifications and multi-step mixed initiative dialogue as well as the ability to incorporate context and mine data to personalize understanding and experiences.

Jen Snell, Vice President Marketing and Brand Strategy, Next IT, said, “Enterprise businesses are looking for intentional ways to deploy AI and are rightfully impatient about demonstrating an ROI. Our tools get the enterprise as close to the science of AI as any other component AI player in the market, and our platform is the cognitive glue that seamlessly integrates your systems and helps you deliver conversational AI that consistently performs for your business, regardless of existing investments or engines.”

Each of these technologies is available in private beta today. The company will release the first of their conversation analysis tools into general availability during the first quarter of 2018.

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