Nielsen Builds a New AI-Brain – “Nielsen AI” for Marketing Cloud

Nielsen Builds a New AI-Brain for Marketing Cloud

The addition of AI methods means Nielsen’s Marketing Cloud can respond instantly to changes in consumer behavior

Nielsen,  a global information and Measurement Company, rolled out Nielsen Artificial Intelligence “Nielsen AI”, an adaptive learning technology meant to automate audience optimization using patent-pending AI methods. Subsequently, it announced its U.S. e-commerce measurement solution, delivering a comprehensive total consumer view of 90% of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) online sales within the U.S. market.

Nielsen claims its AI solution automatically adapts to consumer behavior whenever it gets new information, unlike competitors who rely on batch learning. Currently supporting over a thousand live adaptive learning models with clients, Nielsen AI is seeing a nearly  25% lift over standard batch-learning models that are time-consuming.

“In a competitive environment where every moment counts, marketers need to be able to act on up-to-the-second information in an automated way.  Nielsen AI equips them with the tools they need for real-time data processing, learning, and syndication, enabling marketers to cut through the clutter by providing superior customer experiences across channels, devices and time,” explains Nielsen’s Mark Zagorski, Executive Vice President – Nielsen Marketing Cloud.

Zagorski presided eXelate, the company that started work on AI in 2013 and was acquired by Nielsen in 2015.

Nielsen AI is increasing the accuracy of 60,000 audience segments of Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) unit. Nielsen has operations in over 100 countries that cover more than 90 percent of the world’s population.

How does it move from Data to Actionable Insights?

With Nielsen AI, you can move beyond customer segments and reach out at an individual level to gain actionable insights for granular audience targeting.

Nielsen AI automatically optimizes audiences as per the real-time streams of data coming from client’s customer device comprising of customer’s e-commerce purchases, visits to client’s product page on a website or app or audience data derived from Nielsen.

Marketers can dynamically change their messages to reflect fluctuating consumer media and buying behavior. These messages are based on the movement through the path-to-purchase; audience composition across consumer attributes including demographics, geography, behavior and personality; and market dynamics related to seasonal and local market demand, competitive actions and advertising.

Audience Data Syndication to target on all Digital Channels

Nielsen AI syndicates audience data updates in real time across search, social media, email, video, mobile, programmatic, OTT-TV and owned-and-operated websites and apps.  This enables marketers to reach the right audience with relevant and timely advertising and content across all digital channels.

Through its real-time adaptive learning capabilities, Nielsen AI lets clients cope better with increased competition for consumer attention, growing demand for more granular audience targeting, and a need for more immediately responsive marketing capabilities.

Food and beverage, retail, personal care, financial services, wine and spirits, digital media and out-of-home, are some of the verticals witnessing the impact of Nielsen AI. For matters concerning security, Nielsen provides the option to opt-out of targeted advertising through settings on their device, Nielsen’s website or content providers, at any time.

Nielsen Holdings is a 93-year-old firm that went public in 2011. It has 19 acquisitions in its kitty. The revenues were $6,309 million for the full year of 2016, up 2.2%, or 4.1% on a constant currency basis, compared to 2015. The Nielsen Marketing Cloud serves as the backbone to its Watch and Buy Assets. It recently launched Benchmark Media Optimizer-an intelligent media allocation tool that allows brands of all sizes to make informed, data-driven decisions, without the requirement of a custom marketing mix study.

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