Rakuten Marketing and Sentient Technologies to Bring AI-based Page Optimization Solution Sentient Ascend to Japan


A division of Rakuten Marketing, LLC and Sentient Technologies, the world leader in distributed artificial intelligence, announced that Rakuten Marketing’s Japanese subsidiary, Linkshare Japan K.K., and Sentient have entered into an exclusive business agreement to bring Sentient Ascend to the Japanese market.

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Through this partnership, Rakuten Marketing will offer Ascend in combination with its other marketing services and technology offerings, creating a unique and powerful solution for advertisers in Japan.

Sentient Ascend uses online evolutionary algorithms, a form of artificial intelligence, to rapidly test and evolve massive numbers of website and landing page designs to find the one with the best performance. Unlike traditional A/B testing systems, which only test one new design at a time, Ascend gives advertisers the power to test dozens of ideas all at once. Ascend’s AI determines the best combination of these changes – out of thousands or even millions of designs – to find the version of the site or landing page that achieves the best return on investment for the advertiser.

While results vary from campaign to campaign, the ability to test so many ideas for improvement all at once, have yielded conversion gains from 5 percent to as high as 40 percent in mere months for Ascend customers in the US, Australia, and Europe. These include leading companies in e-commerce, telecommunications, travel and financial service sectors.

Sentient Technologies is one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence companies, creating breakthrough AI products and research thanks to its advanced AI platform. It has pioneered ways to combine deep learning, evolutionary computation, neuroevolution and other forms of AI, and distribute it across many data centers and on thousands of GPUs and CPUs, a scale unavailable to most companies. Sentient’s scale and expertise have allowed it to create AI solutions for e-commerce, digital media and finance, as well as partner with renowned institutions, like MIT and Oxford, on projects tackling complex problems in healthcare and agriculture.

Babak Hodjat, Co-founder and CEO, Sentient Technologies said, “The reputation of Rakuten Marketing, LLC group, for delivering the highest quality marketing services, and for leading in marketing technology, along with their extensive relationships with Japanese leaders in e-commerce and lead generation, making them the ideal partner for Sentient. Our interests are wholly aligned in providing Japanese clients with the best possible performance for their marketing campaigns and websites.”

Ryugen Shimizu, Managing Director, Rakuten Marketing Japanese subsidiary stated, “This partnership with Sentient Technologies will accelerate our business, help our advertisers significantly increase their conversion rates, and make it possible to implement Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle in marketing activities at speeds that are not humanly possible. We look forward to expanding this new marketing solution to the Japanese market.”

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