Rocket Fuel Launches AI-Powered Malware Prevention Platform

Rocket Fuel Launches AI-Powered Malware Prevention Platform

Rocket Fuel’s anti-malvertising platform leverages the power of Artifical Intelligence, Multi anti-malware tactics, and Google Cloud Vision API to ensure client campaigns are free from malicious ads

Malware bots and ad fraud are shattering the security of the digital ecosystem. Rocket Fuel, a predictive marketing platform, has launched a malware detection and prevention system that uses Google Cloud Vision API  that inspects the content in every ad to detect and reject prohibited ad types.

The new solution applies the power of artificial intelligence, big data, blacklists and multiple anti-malware tactics for in-depth ad scrutinization. By leveraging Google Cloud Vision API, Rocket Fuel can identify and prevent ads that fail to render or click-through correctly. Ultimately, this results in significant savings for brands and agencies, as well as a better consumer experience.

The platform provides the ability to detect prohibited products and “click-bait” ads, by text inspection with Google Translate that translates copy in 104 foreign languages. It also provides assisted automation by flagging ads as suspicious to be held for review. Ads that require human review are then typically turned around in a matter of hours. Malware free ads are screened in milliseconds.

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Nikolai Rochnik, VP, Emerging Technology, Rocket Fuel, pointed out, “When media buyers were asked what they perceived as the most negative aspects of programmatic, the number one response (27%) was bots/fraud (Advertiser Perceptions, Programmatic Intelligence Report 2016). One of the primary methods to distribute bots that commit ad fraud is through malvertising.”

Malvertising is the use of online advertising to spread malware.  Google Cloud Vision API enables developers to understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine learning models in an easy to use REST API. Rocket Fuel is a part of TAG “Certified Against Malware” Program.

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