Sinequa Adds Value to its Cognitive Search & Analytics Platform with Cloud AI Services


Cloud Ai Services Are Now Available From Within The Sinequa Cognitive Search & Analytics Platform

A leader in cognitive search and analytics, Sinequa, announced the inclusion of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its platform, which will leverage Google Vision and Translate as well as IBM Watson Alchemy for Image Recognition and Speech-to-text. The additions that include image recognition, speech to text, natural language translation, and video transcription from Google and IBM Watson, intend to enhance the already existing capabilities with the existing integrations for Microsoft Azure Media Services for image and video.

The new AI capabilities benefit from the enormous amount of text and images available on the Web, far beyond the repository that a single enterprise could possess internally. Sinequa customers can now easily translate text in a large number of languages, analyze and tag images and transcribe video conversations, enriching the Sinequa Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) with the results.

Laurent Fanichet
Laurent Fanichet, VP Marketing, Sinequa

Laurent Fanichet, VP Marketing, Sinequa, said “The openness of our platform allows us to quickly and easily integrate best-in-class third party technologies like speech-to-text, image recognition or video treatment to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution to our customers. Dealing with additional rich-media content enhances the knowledge accumulated within our platform, recognizing topics and concepts in text and images while establishing relationships between them. More importantly, we leave the choice to the customers to decide whether they want/need to extract value from large volumes of structured and unstructured data on-premise, or in the Cloud or both, which is quite unique.”

From Broad Connectivity to On-Premise Enterprise Applications, Hadoop and Cloud Environments, Sinequa continues to broaden its support of increasing volumes and diversity of enterprise data retained in Cloud, Hadoop and on-premise Enterprise Applications with a constantly growing family of 150+ smart connectors.

David Schubmehl, IDC Research Director for Cognitive/AI Systems, said, “Images, audio and video data are an increasing share of data most organizations have to deal with. Having an open platform to add capabilities to handle these rich-media contents easily and effectively makes perfect sense for enterprise applications like Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics Platform. Depending on the data types and its sensitivity, organizations in key information driven verticals require the flexibility to decide what data resides on-premise vs Cloud. The ability to ingest, understand, organize, and query digital content from multiple data sources whether on-premise or in the Cloud will be a key differentiator for enterprise solutions in general and Sinequa in particular.”

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