SurveyMonkey Unveils New People Powered DataTM Platform, Delivering Actionable Data for Businesses



New products and technology by SurveyMonkey would drive conversations at scale with people who matter most

SurveyMonkey, the online survey development platform, has unveiled a new People Powered Data platform that enables businesses to turn voices and opinions into actionable data. The company also announced a suite of global, targeted products that deliver customer, employee, and market powered data—

  • SurveyMonkey CX
  • SurveyMonkey Engage
  • SurveyMonkey Audience

SurveyMonkey’s new People Powered Data platform, including SurveyMonkey, SurveyMonkey CX, SurveyMonkey Audience, and SurveyMonkey Apply are available from the date of their announcement. SurveyMonkey Engage will be available later this year.

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Unlocks the Power of Data

The new People Powered Data platform leverages two decades of SurveyMonkey’s expertise and billions of survey responses. The latest platform would help organizations understand why things are happening,quickly and confidently. SurveyMonkey’s targeted products are simple to implement and deliver measurable benefits.

Zander Lurie
Zander Lurie, CEO, SurveyMonkey

Zander Lurie, SurveyMonkey’s CEO said, “Successful businesses are driven by curious leaders who are listening to the market and meeting the needs of their customers and employees. Our new People Powered Data platform unlocks the ‘why’ so companies can be responsive and take action. The companies that are curious about what their customers, employees, and the market are saying are the ones that will evolve and thrive. SurveyMonkey gives businesses a competitive edge by powering conversations at scale with precisely the people who matter most.”

SurveyMonkey CX Delivers Actionable Insights to Grow Business

SurveyMonkey CX takes the popular Net Promoter Score to the next level. The company has developed a methodology to deliver richer insights for businesses to create a great customer experience. Compelling visualizations and powerful analysis tools help uncover strengths and problem areas. Most importantly, SurveyMonkey CX translates insights for your entire organization, empowering teams to take action and close the loop with customers.

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SurveyMonkey Engage Uses Prescriptive Analytics to Act on Employees’ Needs

SurveyMonkey Engage is a solution for businesses to truly understand and act on what employees need to be their best. The foundation of SurveyMonkey Engage is a prescriptive methodology that includes prebuilt survey modules, a predefined survey cadence, and powerful analytics that align quantitative data with the voice of your employees. Engage establishes a framework to encourage open and anonymous feedback, allowing you to partner with employees to create organizational change.

SurveyMonkey Audience Provides Real-time Feedback from Millions of Data Points

SurveyMonkey Audience is redesigned and built directly into SurveyMonkey, making it easier to get real­time feedback from millions of people around the world. Providing direct access to People Powered Data for anyone, anytime, anywhere, and with any budget size, SurveyMonkey Audience democratizes market research.

From the date of its launch, SurveyMonkey Audience is now accessible to customers in more than 60 markets, supporting over 30 local currencies, and fueled by global panels in over 100 countries. With 24/7 access, businesses can run market research in minutes and get answers in hours or days instead of weeks or months.

Reimagine Survey Creation with the All­New SurveyMonkey

The company also announced SurveyMonkey Apply, the reimagined and rebranded next generation of FluidReview. The end­to­end, collaborative solution empowers organizations to collect, review, and select the best candidates for grant, scholarship, fellowship, and enrollment programs. SurveyMonkey Apply makes it easier to set up programs, create forms, and automate workflows.

SurveyMonkey Genius Brings User Experience to the Front

SurveyMonkey is reimagining surveys by improving the creation process with SurveyMonkey Genius, a personal survey expert at your side. The “genius” makes survey feel more like a conversation with a redesigned UX.

The company has also introduced integrations with

  • Facebook Messenger, enabling businesses to respond to customer feedback where it’s delivered
  • Slack, allowing employees to collaborate on surveys right where they work.

Build Surveys with Actionable Recommendations for Better Responses

Combining expertise from deploying millions of surveys and proprietary machine learning algorithms, SurveyMonkey Genius estimates how a survey will perform and gives survey creators actionable recommendations to make their surveys faster and easier to complete. The feature acts as a coach, giving tips to gather higher quality data and avoid common mistakes.

With a new, mobile­first design, the survey­taking experience now feels more like a conversation. Auto­scrolling saves time, so respondents are more likely to complete surveys, resulting in better data. The value of putting the respondent first is clear: The new experience provides up to 20% higher completion rates.

With Facebook Messenger and Slack integrations, SurveyMonkey now gives businesses a way to instantly poll users, collect feedback, and engage people where they spend their time.

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