Voysis Scoops $8 Million; Plans to Nurture ‘Brand-Intelligence’ Capabilities for E-Commerce

Voysis Scoops $8 Million; Plans to Nurture 'Brand-Intelligence' Capabilities for E-Commerce

Into the second month of 2017, at least a dozen AI start-ups have already managed to rake in significant funding from leading venture firms. Of course, many start-ups have also been acquired by leading MarTech companies. The season looks very positive for AI start-ups that are building cutting-edge products for enriching customer experience on mobile and the web. Voysis is no different from other AI start-ups, yet has a very sophisticated product that could make it a top AI-solutions provider in MarTech ecosystem.

Voysis, the latest newbie in AI technology that provides Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to MarTech firms, has announced raising $8 million in funding on Monday. The AI firm provides deep domain intelligence to brands using NLP and speech recognition algorithms to set up personalized customer experiences based on product information and analytics. Competing in the same space as Alexa and Siri, the latest funding round will enhance Voysis technology innovations in coming months.

Voysis founder and CEO Peter Cahill, through his blog, states, “Our platform enables companies to create their own voice ‘intelligence’ – think Alexa or Siri – but all knowing and knowledgeable about a specific brand’s products and services. Through both an API and SDK approach, the Voysis platform can, in essence, automatically create an Alexa with deep domain knowledge tailored for any company.”

It is evident from the CEO’s insights that Voysis is building a powerful voice-powered assistant for very specific B2B and e-commerce platforms, offering NLP capabilities to support 16 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and many European languages.

Voice-driven search is a powerful brand-specific intelligence that allows customers to find their unique item from a wide range of products, transact on-the-go and even customize the experience based on mood, location and time of usage.

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