AmplifAI launches new platform to drive AI enabled employee development


AmplifAI is reinventing the multibillion-dollar field of Employee Development and Performance Management with AI-based technology that allows innovative enterprises to leverage machine learning to improve performance results and service experience.  AmplifAI enables companies to augment their front-line leaders and deliver smarter, more personalized coaching and training to drive engagement in customer facing employees.  While automation may sometimes take human jobs, AmplifAI’s Founder and CEO, Sean Minter, believes there is a larger market where AI is used to amplify human performance, ultimately enabling them to be more productive and engaged.

AmplifAI works by using machine learning algorithms to understand the behaviors of high performers and push relevant real-time feedback and best practices to the entire enterprise.  AmplifAI’s proprietary AI functions also teach managers to be better coaches by providing them actionable insights, workflow, and content to help them develop their front-line employees.  The AmplifAI platform creates virtual personas of high performers, then develops specific vectors for each employee based on observations and analytics in order to automate individualized performance plans.

Dr. Gopal Gupta, Department Head of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas and an expert in the field of AI who is an Advisor for AmplifAI stated that, “AmplifAI’s experience with supporting Enterprise Customers with tens of thousands of employees with Analytics and employee development, combined with the latest AI technology and expertise at UT, uniquely positions AmplifAI to innovate a new paradigm associated with motivating and developing employees.”

“UT Dallas is excited to help the AmplifAI management team bring this revolutionary product to market by providing world renowned talent and access to resources within the University,” said Chris Bhatti, Assistant Dean of the Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas.  “This mutually beneficial partnership furthers our goal of building an entrepreneurial ecosystem driving innovation in our community.”

AmplifAI’s solution initially focuses on augmenting performance for Enterprises focused on customer experience and sales interactions however will be expanded to healthcare, manufacturing and field services in the near future.

For Sales and Operations leaders whose priorities include improving employee engagement and elevating customer experience, AmplifAI is a powerful enhancer of Human Effectiveness.

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