Google, Kaon Interactive and Lenovo to Drive AR/VR B2B Platform Adoption

Kaon Interactive

The three tech companies will expedite the adoption of AR and VR marketing platforms by sales teams of Fortune 500 companies

Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of 3D marketing and sales applications for global B2B brands, along with Google and Lenovo is working towards fast adoption, advancement, and acceleration of virtual reality and augmented reality platforms. The Augmented World Expo that is going to be held on May 31-June 2 in Santa Clara, California, will witness the three giant companies’ allied attempts in the space of AR and VR.

The event attendees will experience Kaon’s AR and VR applications on the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro via Tango. Gavin Finn, CEO, and President of Kaon Interactive would participate in a 30-minute all-star panel, hosted on the AWE main stage, on May 3.


Tango is a Google-backed technology that enables AR experiences. Now, the only tango-enabled smartphone supporting AR is Lenovo’s Phab 2Pro. The Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform®, which is already used in several B2B Fortune 500 companies, is presently deploying applications to Tango-enabled devices. This enables companies to show their products in terms of fully-scaled 3D augmented reality models to their customers in sync with their physical space.

Kaon VR, a B2B marketing solution, is known for its immersive qualities to engage customers in an interactive digital environment. Whereas, Kaon AR is a B2B AR marketing application that blends interactive 3D product models with real-world business scenarios or challenges.

These new interactive sales and marketing applications are being used by companies who are exhibiting their benefits and implications at trade shows and customer meetings. Google, Lenovo, and Kaon are aiming at encouraging comprehensive adoption of contemporary AR applications by Fortune 500 sales teams.


Take a look at the entire video of the 3D AR product models in action!


According to Kaon Interactive President & CEO, Gavin Finn, “AR and VR applications are game-changers for B2B marketers, but we’re just scratching the surface. As innovative Tango- and Daydream-enabled devices are brought to market, such as the Phab 2 Pro and the Daydream standalone VR headset from Lenovo, which was just announced at Google I/O, Fortune 500 sales teams will increasingly adopt the technology as the competitive marketing and sales differentiators. Google and Lenovo have recognized this potential, and we’re excited about partnering to deliver more collaborative offerings.”


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