Tegla Retail Introduces Shopper Tracking Analytics To The Struggling Brick And Mortar Industry

Tegla Retail

To help optimize brick and mortar operations in retail’s transformative times, Tegla Retail’s Tegla Tracker provides expedited data collection and unique metrics of the in-store shopper experience.

Using augmented reality, Tegla Tracker maps shoppers’ behavior in real time once they grab a cart to when they check out at the cash register. Tegla Tracker’s accelerated, accurate and unique data collection allows for much more rapid client access and action. Tegla Retail’s Fortune 500 clients have increased target shopper traffic in key store areas by 3X and increased the amount of time spent in front of specific products and displays by 2X.

Many of today’s incumbent tracking technologies can take up to six months to process data that is often conducted through an imperfect manual review. By that time, preparations for the next season’s new products and consumer trends is already underway. Tegla Tracker reduces that data collection and processing timeframe to weeks – and provides accurate data.

Tamas Pataky
Tamas Pataky

“We wanted to create a solution that provided data you would otherwise have to source from multiple vendors,” said Tamas Pataky, Co-Founder & CEO of Tegla Retail. “Our unique approach produces speedy, accurate and actionable analytics that maps the entire shopper journey to enhance in store experiences.”

Tegla Retail provides the tracking technology as well as the support team for each store. Using Google’s Tango AR-enabled phones, Tegla Tracker maps store layouts and tracks shoppers. Tegla Retail developed panoramic 3-D imaging software that allows their field team to take pictures of aisles that are automatically stitched together and displayed in a 3-D layout. Using image recognition, the products on shelves are identified and cataloged.

Shopper tracking data is collected without the need for Wi-Fi connections or external infrastructure. Shoppers consent to using the AR-enabled phones that are either attached to their shopping cart, backpack or waistband cases, and can in exchange receive incentives such as store discounts. As shoppers walk through the store, Tegla Tracker collects a wide range of data that includes basic time and distance traversed to more advanced metrics such as conversion rate (number of shoppers purchasing products in an aisle) as well as product and mobile device interaction (tracking shopper interactions with products on shelves and their personal mobile devices). Clients can test for shoppers’ behavioral variations in different store layouts across several markets and shopper segments.

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