Continuous MarTech Innovations and Collaboration Vital to Build Dynamic Customer Engagement Program


In The Third Of The Five-Part Series, We Analyze How Mintigo And Marketo Customers Have An Easier And Tightly Integrated Access To Mintigo’s Data And Intelligence Platform That Finds Buyers Faster And Intelligently Engage Them.

B2B sales automation and intelligence platforms are at the brink of breaking into a new frontier. A major push behind their phenomenal growth in B2B MarTech is way they are leveraging predictive analytics and big data for better lead scoring and refined marketing-sales alignment. Mintigo, now a Marketo Accelerate partner, offers unparalleled matching of CRM and web data, merging them with predictive analytics to identify and extract sales tactics as well as semantic analysis of any company’s digital footprint.

Mintigo monitors the online behavior of several millions of B2B companies and tens-of-millions of prospects and decision-makers.

Mintigo Offers Best-In-Class Predictive Modeling to Marketo Customers

The maker of CustomerDNATM and now a strong performer in The Forrester Wave™ Predictive Marketing Analytics for B2B Marketers in 2017, Mintigo takes your CRM a notch higher in accuracy and effectiveness, offering data cleansing and data standardization using rich media indicators (MIs).

We spoke to Jacob Shama, CEO and Co-founder at Mintigo to understand what’s in store for Mintigo customers and how they would benefit from the decision to join Marketo Accelerate.

Jacob said, “Mintigo helps companies focus on the most important thing—their customers, and joining Marketo Accelerate will empower them to do exactly that. Our partnership with Marketo gives us access to functionalities of the Marketo Engagement Platform.”

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Jacob emphasized on the dynamic nature of the Marketo partnership and identified the factors that enable Mintigo to empower the customers with a robust platform to “engage prospects and buyers across the entire customer journey in all channels and touch-points.”

Confluence of Best-of-Breed Technologies for Better Buyer Experiences

Marketo Accelerate announced the on-boarding of its inaugural MarTech partners –

  • Oktopost
  • Uberflip
  • SnapApp
  • Cloudwords
  • Mintigo

Clearly, the MarTech ecosystem is converging at a rapid pace to bring the best technologies under one umbrella with a single, univocal agenda – To provide best-in-class buyer personalization and experiences.

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Having this community guarantees that innovation is part of continuous growth not only to secure market share but also, and more importantly, to provide exceptional value to customers.— Jacob Shama, Mintigo CEO

Jacob agreed that as marketing technology solutions continue to expand, a platform that unifies critical marketing capabilities for enterprises becomes even more important. He added, “Mintigo’s integration into Marketo creates a best-of-breed marketing technology stack that helps our customers create seamless and better experiences for buyers. It also streamlines marketing processes and activities, resulting to innovative practices, more productivity, and revenue growth.”

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Bridging the Power of Data with Intelligence Models: The Key to Optimizing B2B Customer Journey

Modern marketers are overwhelmed with the deluge of data that are sourced from online and offline channels. Evidently, it takes machine-level algorithms and predictive analytics to score sales quota by prioritizing outreach to the right B2B buyers at the right time. By joining Marketo Accelerate, Mintigo has opened up new grounds of opportunities for marketers. Users can build actionable insights using Mintigo’s predictive intelligence – the key to build best-of-breed B2B sales intelligence and ABM platforms.

For Marketo CRM users, would the Accelerate program ensure that predictive platform become more readily deployable?

Jacob Shama offered his critical insights on how the partnership makes technology deployment easier, faster and effective. He said, “Mintigo’s partnership with Marketo means that more enterprises can leverage our cloud-based predictive marketing and sales solution more easily. By integrating into the Marketo Engagement Platform, both Mintigo and Marketo customers have easier and tightly integrated access to our data and intelligence platform that finds buyers faster and intelligently engage them.”

He also added that Marketo Accelerate program is a fertile field for marketing and sales teams who can enhance their marketing programs with predictive scoring, intelligent sales engagement, and account-based marketing.

Jacob acknowledged, “Predictive insights and propensity scores for leads and accounts, insight-driven segmentation and targeting for Marketo’s ABM, RTP and social display, and actionable insights for sales all optimize the customer journey at scale and real-time.”

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Company Size and Maturity No Longer a Barrier to Success in Deploying MarTech

Marketo Accelerate extends the reach of Mintigo’s predictive insights capabilities to customers of all sizes and industries, helping them deliver the right message and offer at the right channel at the right time—right inside Marketo.

Jacob, like his counterparts from the Marketo partnership community, affirmed that the purpose of joining Accelerate is to deliver better, powerful and ROI-centric B2B sales and marketing predictive solutions to B2B customers. This means—working with other partners in Marketo Accelerate.

Outlining the novel vision of Accelerate, Jacob said, “Being part of Marketo Accelerate, Mintigo can further integrate with fellow marketing solutions providers through Marketo. We see this as an exciting opportunity to continue innovating as our customers’ needs change.”

Partner Ecosystem at Accelerate Driven by AI and Future-Focussed Technologies

While it is important for MarTech companies to create a distinct persona that sets them apart from the competition, CEO of Mintigo is clear that it would take a combination of technologies to engage, convert and delight customers based on their requirements. Jacob said, “Enterprises have various marketing and sales goals that a combination of two or more marketing technology solutions can successful achieve. Leveraging Mintigo’s predictive insights technology with Marketo and its partner ecosystem is a powerful tool that delivers the best holistic and seamless customer engagement program.”

Mintigo + Marketo: Super-Charged Partnership to Boost Innovation around AI/data science

In the MarTech Interview Series, Jacob Shama had suggested how he sees AI/ML capabilities would be key to doing business in a fast-paced digitally-driven world. Adding to his vision around AI/ML technologies for B2B customers, Jacob said, “At Mintigo, we believe that the future is an all AI-driven customer journey because AI is the only way to continually engage with all customers across their entire journey at scale and real-time.”

Enthusiastic and optimistic about the growing power of Marketo community in the B2B landscape, Mintigo CEO acknowledged the benefits are multi-fold as it ensures that customers are using a best-in-class marketing platform to engage with their buyers seamlessly across channels and touch-points.

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