Gravyty Launches ‘First Draft’–The First AI-based Self-Writing Email Drafter


Gravyty, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) fundraising software, announced the release of ‘First Draft,’ the first AI application designed to proactively and automatically craft personalized, donor-centric emails at the most opportune times on behalf of frontline fundraisers at non-profit organizations. Gravyty enables organizations to effortlessly manage larger portfolios of donors irrespective of the fundraising database being used, including Blackbaud, Ellucian, ROI Solutions, Salesforce, Abila. This results in improved donor retention and increased donation revenue at any organization.


Founded at the Babson College by Adam Martel and Rich Palmer, Gravyty leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the most time-consuming processes for frontline fundraisers.

Adam Martel, CEO and co-founder at Gravyty, said, “Gravyty’s ‘First Draft’ self-writing email drafter removes two time-consuming steps for fundraisers. By utilizing advances in AI to determine which donors to email, when to email them, and what to email them about, ‘First Draft’ proactively crafts the first draft of emails to donors at the most opportune times throughout the year. This technology will allow frontline fundraisers to spend more time focused on building relationships and inspiring donors to support their organizations.”

Whether Gravyty is being used to manage major or leadership donors, assist the annual fund, or augment an organization’s portfolio researchers, Gravyty ‘First Draft’ will scale personalized outreach to identify and connect with more donors.

Rich Palmer, CTO and co-founder at Gravyty, said, “‘First Draft’ is intelligent and deploys advanced machine learning to learn about the fundraiser and their preferences over time. As fundraisers update and personalize drafts for their donors, Gravyty leverages these insights to better craft future messages. ‘First Draft’ continues to improve over time, enhancing the fundraiser’s ability to scale their outreach like never before.”

Jere Doyle, Managing Director at Sigma Prime Ventures, said, “‘First Draft’ AI-automated emails are the technology of the future. This innovation drives personalization at scale to help resource-constrained nonprofits fundraise more intelligently. This can, and will, change the way organizations raise money.

Currently, Gravyty provides sales enablement tools to empower frontline fundraisers at non-profit organizations to raise more money from major and mid-level donors.

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