Jeff Bot: GameOn-Sky Sports Partnership to Cover English Premier League Using Chatbot

Jeff Bot: GameOn-Sky Sports Partnership to Cover English Premier League Using Chatbot

GameOn has partnered with Sky Sports to introduce an AI chatbot named “Jeff Bot”.

More than 34,000 chatbots have been launched since Facebook Messenger opened bot development platform in April 2016. But, an AI chatbot developed to take the commentator’s seat is by far the most interesting innovation in sports broadcasting technology.

An AI-based bot will now render its services during the live streaming of the English Premier League (EPL) on mobile. This is an exclusive idea realized by GameOn and Sky Sports in order to enhance the interaction between fans and brands over mobile.

Inspired by Jeff Stelling, the famous anchor of the Gillette Soccer Saturday show, this chatbot dubs his real-time sports commentary. Soccer fans can talk, respond and even put their doubts to Jeff Bot using natural language requests on Jeff’s musings, game updates, standings, news, among others.

Jeff Bot is available on social messaging platforms like Telegram, Skype, Slack, and Facebook Messenger. It recreates the aura of Jeff Stelling’s personality, engaging fans in a fun-filled chat over advertisements, league news and other fan’s comments.

The latest mobile platform partnership allows soccer fans to get relevant contents based on the game via social channels. They can experience the twists and turns in the game at par with the live and TV audiences.

Jeff Bot exemplifies all three spheres of user experience — pull content, push content and customization. GameOn offers helpful tips to the users on how they can navigate Jeff Bot and follow their EPL teams. It will also enable the users to get customized content automatically.

GameOn users will receive a trending news item on the basis of their favorite teams, as well as, real-time updates when live games are going on every morning. They can also request for limit notifications follow or unfollow teams, status of live-game, league standings latest news, results, team schedules, and more.

Jeff Bot and will bring the GameOn community of leagues and premium content publishers under the same roof strung together by common thread of chat engagement and AI platform.  Chatbots are changing the media dynamic, advertising model, and the fan experience overall. The partnership will transform the way fans connect to their heroes, teams and brands using AI on mobile.

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