Meet Astro: A Startup that Just Unveiled an AI for Email App and Scooped $8.3 Million in Funding

Email remains the most preferred means of communications for B2B professionals and enterprise collaboration teams. As businesses look to automate their entire infrastructure through machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, email collaborations are yet to see major tech-based features. How to deal with it? Bring in AI for email marketing automation.

Enter Astro – a startup firm that made its debut just two days back by introducing a smart email app and an intelligent assistant that chats about the activity around your inbox, missed tasks, upcoming events and pending notifications that need immediate attention. AI in the email automation stack, of course, will take away the frustration and the boredom of waiting for the integration of smart devices with existing CRMs. AI for email is set to redefine how teams achieve customer success for email marketing using Astro and the Astrobot assistant, in one go.

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Astro, founded in 2015, also announced its first major funding, scooping $8.3 million Series A alongside launching the new AI for email platform. The Ser

By merely downloading Astro onto your smart device, users can access emails from Gmail and Office 365 within a single app platform. It is currently available for Mac and iPhones but will be extended to Androids very soon.

“This is sort of a communications assistant,” says Ross Dargahi, Cofounder of Astro. He adds, “As things are happening in different places, no matter what you’re focused or working on at that moment, you’re learning about things. It’s following you and telling you and pulling together all these different data sources to give you that real, thick, crisp signal and getting rid of the noise.”

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Along with the traditional email setting and features, Astro’s AI for email platform also offers cutting-edge priority-based capabilities to B2B professionals, enabling them to find unique email addresses based on AI methodologies. And then there’s Astro Inbox Zap – a quick inbox junk cleaner that sets email priority based on user’s selection.

As the CEO and other Co-founder of Astro, Andy Pflaum puts it, “There are a few things that go into the algorithm, but typically it messages from real people to you, not from distribution lists or newsletters or system-generated notifications.”

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Astro’s AI for email also adds cognitive learning into the picture, suggesting how the new platform tracks every email for real people and passing the data to Astrobot. With time, Astrobot learns about the unique behavior of each person connected through email.

Pflaum adds, “We’re learning based upon your behavior and interactions with people what really belongs in that priority. And the user can also classify things as important or unimportant.”

As Astro mentions in a blog, AI for email has a primary goal of helping users to focus on the highest priority message at the right time. For now, Astro’s AI for email platform is all set to leverage NLP, making inbox navigation faster, smarter and of course, a lot easier.

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