SmartMax Software launches AI live chat app ChatBeacon

ChatBeacon is live chat application for websites which intelligently route chats to best serve each visitor

SmartMax Software has launched ChatBeacon, an easy-to-use, cost-effective, state-of-the-art live chat application for websites. ChatBeacon would instantly connect with a website’s visitors and can communicate in real time.

SmartMax Software said that ChatBeacon is a personal website concierge service. This app differs from traditional live chats by integrating the optional utilization of artificial intelligence bots into a customer’s chat experience.

ChatBeacon OperatorBot Directs Customers to Their Destination

The ChatBeacon OperatorBot just needs a subscription to and a simple flow chart created upon installation to run. Once your customers start a chat and begin typing, the bot uses everything that it has been taught to generate answers to commonly asked questions and can direct your customers to the intended destination.

ChatBeacon also offers a simplified Agent Application, which has all the tools needed for customer communication, in the easiest way possible. The sleek new chat box and customization features allow firms to design the perfect chat box to match the website’s requirements. These new features are standard with all subscriptions of the new ChatBeacon portfolio.


Eric Weber, President & CEO SmartMax Software, Inc., said, “We developed ChatBeacon as a product that directly represents the focus of our company. The new Agent Application is much more robust in the information it provides about website visitors, but in a cleaner, more simplified environment. Our OperatorBots are able to ‘front end’ chats by instantly greeting customers when they enter the website, and intelligently route chats to best serve each visitor.”

Cloud-Based Live Chat App

ChatBeacon CLOUD is a cloud-based live chat application and would be available shortly. ChatBeacon LOCAL can be hosted on your own servers and is available now. ChatBeacon GO, the Android-enabled mobile version, comes standard with both applications. ChatBeacon caters to a variety of websites and industries, from real estate,  education,  credit unions.

Weber said, “Our goal was to simplify the chat experience, not only for the customers visiting your website but also for the agents on the back end running it. We really accomplished that in ChatBeacon. For such an intelligent product, it’s surprisingly easy to use and extremely affordable. This is by far our best product yet.”

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