Volume Releases World’s First Commercial Cognitive Web Site Powered by IBM Watson

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Wokingham, England based Volume’s Digital Concierge leverages IBM Watson’s ‘conversation’ service to allow text-to-speech interaction between a human and a Smart Machine.

LUSY, the cognitive application is currently trained in a single domain – the company, Volume. It aims to provide all the company’s information through natural dialogue and Q&A.

Each interaction improves LUSY, and it only provides an answer if it reaches an internal level of confidence the answer is correct.

Volume’s CEO Chris Sykes states, “It’s a bold move removing our corporate website for an AI application like our Digital Concierge. However, we needed to do this to amass all the questions it was being asked; whether on- or off-topic. Since its soft launch in October, the application has been asked over 16,000 questions. We learn from those and retrain the application, so it can answer more questions accurately and its domain knowledge grows. That’s the beauty of Watson-powered applications.”

Volume sees industry-wide adoption for these applications, from Digital Concierges to Technical Advisors, Digital Sales Agents and Smart Customer Service Reps.

Sykes concludes, “The thing to remember is that these applications have the ability to ‘learn’. Ours is growing, but is still relatively young. As it develops, its use will spread; not only will it provide information on our company, but it will also conduct first interviews and induction training. Our AI focus is ‘optimizing human performance through Smart Machines’, where we move humans from mundane and repeatable tasks to higher-value interactions.”

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