Organic Announces the Launch of ‘Synthetic,’ a Division Dedicated to Cognitive Technology

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The Independent Unit Wants to Disrupt How Brands and Consumers Interact Through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Omnicom-owned digital marketing agency, Organic Inc, announced the launch of Synthetic, a division dedicated to cognitive technology.

Led by Organic’s Chief Operating Officer, Keith Pine, and Chief Creative Officer, Chris Kelly, and reporting to Chief Executive Officer David Shulman, Synthetic’s focus is to apply cognitive technology to reimagine how brands and consumers interact.

“As an industry, we are seeing increased curiosity around cognitive technology. Brands have only begun to scratch the surface of how this technology can elevate customer experience and drive business results.By dedicating a group solely to this practice, we will push the envelope much further and faster,” said Shulman.

Organic has been a pioneer in bringing AI-driven solutions to clients over recent years with machine driven personalization, conversational interfaces and natural language processing, and Synthetic will amplify that momentum with a team focused on expanding this discipline further. The launch is an ideal next step for an agency that truly understands how the power of digital has evolved.

One of the first engagements for Synthetic is with American Signature Furniture where the team is transforming the shopping experience. “The future of retail goes beyond merely selling a product; by harnessing the power of cognitive technology our brand is bringing more value to our customers, both online and at our stores,” shared Steve Haffer, EVP & Chief Innovation Officer, American Signature, Inc.

The Synthetic team believes that brands have only begun to scratch the surface of how AI can elevate the customer experience. Instead of approaching it as one-off tactics, brands need to use it as a means to glean real-time insights from vast amounts of unstructured data, provide natural and personalized customer experiences and automate labor-intensive tasks currently performed by humans across their entire business.

“To enable a new way of thinking and problem solving we had to take a fresh approach to how this division is operationalized. The team has the necessary latitude to think freely and create solutions that truly transform how consumers interact with our clients,” Pine said.

“Many agencies fall into a ‘shiny object syndrome’ of approaching AI to make some cool new novelty. We use cognitive technology to understand, adapt, and deliver highly personalized and natural experiences adding real value to both brands and users,” explained Kelly.

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