i.Predictus Unveils ‘Jules’ Predictive Analytics Tool for Future Sales Performance

i.Predictus Unveils 'Jules' Predictive Analytics Tool for Future Sales Performance
Jules Screen Shot New
Jules Screen Shot New

“Jules” is a predictive analytics tool that helps in forecasting future Marketing and Sales Performance

i.Predictus, an automated marketing analytics platform launched “Jules”, a predictive marketing and media analytics tool that can forecast future sales with 93% accuracy.

The model uses analyzed history to predict future sales. CMOs can use evidence-based data on how the marketing plan will perform and tweak the plan and media budget accordingly. It allows marketers to adjust their budget spend on each tactic along the consumer’s path to purchase, from broadcast advertising to in-store promotion and display. The objective is to see if changes result in greater or lesser sales.

i.Predictus, Carina Pologruta, Jules, future sales prediction
Carina Pologruto, Exec. Vice President, i.Predictus

“This is a game-changing technology for the marketing industry. Jules analyzes the impact of every individual tactic within a marketing plan to see each particular element’s effect on the final sales result,” says Carina Pologruto, Executive Vice President at  i.Predictus.

Although Jules is not science fiction, the team at i.Predictus named their revolutionary tool after the “Father of Science Fiction”- Jules Verne who inspired real-world innovations like skywriting, video conferencing, and much more.

Jules is based on real world marketing mix scenarios. “Our development team has every reason to believe their invention’s namesake would be proud,” boasts Pologruto.

i.Predictus has double the margins of competing companies within the space.

It secured $4.6 mn investment in 2014. However,  Marketsmith.Inc – the fastest growing integrated marketing agency in the United States, has bought back a majority of the company’s stock from investors claiming 88% ownership.  12 % of the investment is likely to be bought back by end of 2017.  The investors got the investment back with healthy returns, quite a rare phenomena in the tech space.

Monica Smith is the woman entrepreneur who owns Marketsmith; i.Predictus; and Brushfire a leading media-focused full-service marketing agency that created many award-winning advertising campaigns. The NJBIZ Power 100 list also includes Smith, who manages $200 million of media spend annually (about 10% of all DRTV inventory).  She is also a board member of the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC).

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