IBM Watson Marketing Insights Put Marketers on an Auto-Pilot Attribution Mode for Behavioral Predictions

IBM Watson Marketing Insights Puts Marketers on an Auto-Pilot Mode for Behavioral Predictions

IBM Watson

IBM has officially extended Watson’s cognitive technologies for the benefit of marketers, announcing new cognitive capabilities for IBM Watson Marketing Insights. IBM’s cloud-based offering helps marketers examine customer behavior, learning how it may impact the success of the business. Using IBM Watson Marketing Insights, marketing teams can take action to launch targeted campaigns designed to turn all customers into brand loyalists who are helping drive business success.

IBM Watson Marketing Insights Brings Marketers Closer to Real Customer Touchpoints

IBM Watson Marketing Insights is a cloud-based solution that pulls critical customer insights and recommends the target audiences. This helps marketers drive customer interactions more effectively. The cognitive recommendations leverage Watson’s AI-powered predictive abilities.

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By putting the power of cognitive into the hands of marketers, Watson Marketing Insights ensures that teams no longer need to settle for static segments that traditionally don’t take into account variables such as how customers have interacted with the brand over time. Marketers also don’t have to wait for a data scientist’s analysis since data they need is automatically presented and, since Watson continuously learns over time and updates customer segments automatically, they are working with the latest customer details.

Audience Insights for Behavior Predictions and Customer Attributions

Formerly known as IBM Predictive Customer Analytics, new cognitive Watson technology has enhanced predictive power that recommends prioritized target audiences based on key predictors. Marketers can also move on an auto-pilot to create, modify and export target audience lists in just a few clicks.

Attrition- IBM Watson Marketing Insights
Attrition- IBM Watson Marketing Insights


IBM Watson Marketing Insights
IBM Watson Marketing Insights

Build Proactive Campaigns based on Audience Insights

IBM Watson Marketing includes audience insights, a cognitive feature that reveals key predictors in customer data based on their interactions with the brand across channels including email, digital, social media and in-store, as well as customer attributes. This data is continuously updated, revealing new audience profiles and customer segments as the relative importance of their behavior predictors changes.

via IBM Watson Marketing Insights
via IBM Watson Marketing Insights

As a result, marketers get a line of sight into a customer’s potential response to a new campaign, based on previous behavior. For example, the cognitive capabilities may show that customers who consistently do not open email campaigns are most at risk of defecting than those who return products regularly. These insights are delivered to the marketer via a visual dashboard that includes details of the context and reasoning behind the findings. With this information, marketers can proactively target campaigns designed specifically to engage this group with a relevant offer and retain their loyalty.

Deliver, Perform and Measure Marketing Campaigns at Ease

“We understand that a customer’s journey has many touch points, and our clients want to make this journey seamless,” said Maria Winans, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Watson Customer Engagement. “While every customer is different, they all have one thing in common- they are interacting with brands across multiple channels. With these new cognitive capabilities, we give marketers the audience insights they need to strengthen customer engagement and deliver better performing campaigns.”

Watson Customer Engagement portfolio combines Watson cognitive capabilities with deep expertise in marketing, B2B Commerce, and supply chain to create an end-to-end digital experience for businesses across industries and size. Deliver via the cloud, the IBM Watson Customer Engagement capabilities, are individual features that companies can introduce over a period of time, based on where and when there is a business need.

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