Visbit Releases Unity SDK and Web VR Player for its All-in-One VR Streaming Service, Bringing High Quality VR Streaming to the Masses


VR Content Publishers And Developers Can Now Access 4K+ VR Streaming Technology Across All Mobile VR Platforms 

Visbit, the leading virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video streaming technology company released a Unity SDK and a Web VR Player, expanding the industry’s first all-in-one VR streaming service across all mobile VR platforms and most web browsers.

 Dr. Changyin Zhou, Cofounder and CEO, Visbit, said, “Unity support has been a long-time request from our customers. We are proud to bring 4K+ VR video streaming to the Unity community. We’re also adding the Web VR Player, which dramatically reduces the difficulties of distribution and improves access for general consumers of VR and 360-degree experiences. Now content creators can generate a web link on the Publisher Portal to share their work, or embed video links on their website, while still protecting their content with domain-level privacy.”

This release marks a significant service expansion for the company. In addition to the Samsung Gear VR and Cardboard for Android, which Visbit already supports, the Unity SDK brings support for Google Daydream View and Cardboard for iOS. Though streaming is optimized overall, the Unity SDK stands out when used to develop Android apps for Google Cardboard because it pulls on patented VVOS technology, allowing 4K and above resolution streaming over regular WiFi and LTE networks, with little to no latency.

Visbit’s newly released Web VR Player is compatible with the widest range of mobile and desktop browsers. Though it does not use VVOS technology, it still allows for the smooth playback of 360-degree VR videos, even in 4K and stereoscopic, and can do so in panning, gyro and VR modes on Chrome, Safari, FireFox and Microsoft Edge. Videos are also protected with domain-level privacy to ensure that they are played only where the IP owner wants. These features are especially outstanding considering that most web players fail to play 360-degree videos well on Safari or any browser on iOS, and do not support stereoscopic.

Along with this product expansion comes a new pricing structure, which includes a Web Only Plan for those who may not need the advanced features designed for mobile apps and a Free Plan for those who are just getting started.

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