Women’s Day Special: Female Marketers are the Queen of Profit-Making Companies, yet Few Are Actually Crowned in Martech

Women's Day Special: Female Marketers are the Queen of Profit-Making Companies, yet Few Are Actually Crowned in Martech

Today is Women’s Day. Did you know that the number of women CEOs in Fortune 500 Companies fell to 21 in 2016 from 24 in 2015? But wait! We do see the number of female marketers in martech going up significantly in 2017. 

Episerver, the leading Web Content Management and E-commerce platform provider, has released critical insights from its recent research on the number of female leaders in digital marketing, IT and tech industries. According to the new research commissioned as part of Episerver’s Digital Ninety-Nines project, women marketers are more satisfied with their jobs than male counterparts. That too, when women are four times more likely to feel that they are held back from taking challenging roles compared to men.

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The Episerver research released on Women’s Day reveals that 1 in 10 women believe they have been held back in a marketing role as a result of their gender. Yet, women across marketing industry report a better job satisfaction results against their male counterparts with 89% against 80% respectively.

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Commemorating Women’s Day, the latest research by Episerver holds substantial value considering the current standards of female professionals taking leadership roles in marketing and technology industry. Despite evidence on companies delivering strong financial results in 2016 with a high proportion of them led and managed by senior female leaders, the number of women CEO’s in the Fotune500 companies fell to 21 in 2016.

In other words, women held a meager 4.2% of all CEO positions in America’s biggest Fortune 500 companies by year end. For 2017, the numbers will improve, though marginally – 27 women CEOs.

Digital Ninety-Nines
Digital Ninety-Nines

Commenting on the research findings on Women’s Day, Jessica Fardin, senior director of marketing and channel programs at Episerver, said: “Episerver has witnessed major developments in the digital marketing industry over the last twenty years, yet the industry is lagging in its inclusion and appointment of women in significant technology leadership roles. Women make up only 17% of the UK technology sector – a figure that drops for senior positions.

“On International Women’s Day, Episerver is keen to raise awareness for the fundamental role that women can play in digital marketing and IT and champion those who are leading the way through our Digital Ninety-Nines project.”

The latest Episerver research could become the benchmark this Women’s Day, as martech companies are expected to heavily invest in customer experience and campaign success. According to an HBR post in 2009, women consumer spending amounts to over $20 trillion and yearly earnings are over $13trillion. But yes, that’s mostly for consumer products. It would be interesting to pull the numbers for B2B companies led by women. I wonder, those numbers would be definitely higher than B2C markets.

About Digital Ninety-Nines

‘Digital Ninety Nines’ project is named after Amelia Earhart’s 1929 international organization of women pilots. With this project, Episerver sets out to honor and observe the achievements of women in marketing and technology around the world.

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