Adomik Launches UNIFY to Manage Programmatic Yield Holistically

Adomik Launches UNIFY to Manage Programmatic Yield Holistically

UNIFY offers cross-stack analytics, troubleshooting, and benchmarking tools for programmatic publishers

Adomik, a programmatic ad analytics and yield management technology firm, released first-of-its-kind cross-stack analytics tools to manage programmatic yield holistically in a multi-partner era to drive revenue insight and put publishers back in control.

Called UNIFY, it resolves all the current publishers’ pain points related to managing yield, across a complex array of SSPs, Exchanges, and other demand sources. The solution connects to all monetization partners. This means the publisher will no more have to log into each partner’s interface, extract and map data with varying degrees of standardization, analyze this information and then make decisions.

“UNIFY delivers answers to the myriad of holistic yield questions our customers have been asking us more and more since the advent of header bidding”, said Jeff Bernard, co-founder, and Chief Product Officer, Adomik. “It is designed to provide a single record of truth across all of your programmatic partners so you can make better and faster yield decisions.”

UNIFY addresses the major hurdles facing publishers today namely, multi-vendor data siloed, the lack of benchmarking within the programmatic marketplace, and header bidding opacity.

Adomik UNIFY
Photo: Adomik UNIFY

Centralized reporting to look across all monetization partners

In the multi-partner era, publishers are faced with siloed data that results in programmatic teams which meant fewer decisions and a tedious task of shaping the data. Adomik’s new tools save that time and displays which partners add the most value. Adomik’s cross-stack unified data helps publishers rapidly optimize the setup of each partner to improve overall revenue, avoid yield management mistakes, immediately spot and debug monetization issues, and monitor demand across the stack to spot revenue opportunities.

It helps to focus on monetization with a clear, aggregated view of all partners, buyers & brands

Live Benchmarking tools to compare against the market

With Adomik MarketWatch, publishers can view live market data for programmatic revenue trends, CPMs, and PMPs, and understand how they are positioned. UNIFY helps to know whether private deal CPMs are in line with the market. It enables publishers to identify missing buyers and campaigns to guide sales action. MarktWatch shows whether the increase or decrease in revenue match the market or are unique to their demand ecosystem.

Troubleshooting and monitoring of all header bidding partners

Adomik Header Bidding enables publishers to easily monitor header bidding revenue and detailed revenue contribution from each partner. Publishers Easily identify low-performance partners and how to troubleshoot them with bid rate, win rate, and auction loss reason insights. The solution has an enhanced capability of clarifying the impact of time-outs and latency to deliver optimal balance between user experience and revenue.

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