Algorithmic Attribution Helps Marketers Develop Precise Reach Strategies

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Bring Algorithmic Attribution up to Speed: Accelerate Your Attribution Insights for More Effect Digital Channel Optimization Is a Commissioned Study Conducted by Forrester Consulting on Behalf of Visual IQ That Explores the Roadblocks That Get in the Way of Faster Optimization

Marketers have an increasingly complicated job—from reaching target consumers with greater precision to optimizing spend across complex paths that span multiple channels and devices. Complicating matters, all of this must be done at lightning speed to capitalize on market conditions, competitive activities and consumer response. Visual IQ, a Nielsen company, commissioned a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on the state of attribution. The study found that algorithmic attribution helps marketers develop more precise reach strategies, target audiences more effectively and better allocate their budgets.

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Forrester asked marketing executives in the US and the UK about the state of attribution


Algorithmic Attribution Helps Marketers Develop Precise Reach Strategies

Survey participants included decision-makers responsible for optimizing digital marketing channels using advanced algorithmic attribution models

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Forrester found algorithmic attribution helps marketers develop more precise reach strategies & better allocate spend

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Forrester found daily channel optimization is important for marketers using algorithmic attribution

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However, inflexible budgets & data complexity get in the way of faster, more effective optimization

Speedy algorithmic attribution is critical to achieving top marketing goals

Forrester’s Key Recommendations

  1. Ensure flexible technologies are in place.
  2. Embrace a mix of human and automated marketing workflow processes.
  3. Adopt a daily attribution cadence.
  4. Create service-level agreements that ensure insights are passed to buying technologies.

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