Radial Delivers New Integrations with Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Unified CX

Radial Delivers New Integrations with Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Unified CX

Radial, the leading provider of omnichannel commerce technology, has announced a series of new integrations with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The new integrations will enable Salesforce users to achieve the fastest path to a unified commerce platform. Available on the Commerce Cloud LINK Marketplace, marketers and retailers can access offerings from both companies seamlessly.

“By more tightly integrating the technologies and services from both companies, current and prospective clients can significantly reduce the complexity of managing their front-end and back-end systems to deliver a more synergistic customer experience,” said Steve Birdsall, Chief Revenue Officer at Radial.

“We are excited to deliver this new integration that provides a compelling solution for omnichannel retailers and brands to drive profitable business results and thrive in the age of Amazon.”

New Integrations for Ease of Accessibility across Salesforce Commerce Cloud

By extending its availability on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Radial will provide unified user accessibility, connecting them to Radial’s Retail Order Management, Payments & Fraud, Store Fulfillment, Fulfillment & Transportation and Customer Care solutions and services.

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“Everything and everyone are becoming more connected, and smarter than ever before,” said Alan Bunce, Vice President, Product Marketing at Salesforce.

“Keeping pace takes innovation. Radial’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud demonstrates our joint and ongoing commitment to helping retailers and brands solve complex challenges quickly, confidently and profitably.”

Radial Partnered with Lyon Group to Build Integrations

Lyon + Radial

Radial partnered with another leading commerce service provider – Lyons Consulting Group. The collaboration developed next-gen immersive brand experiences for customers across omnichannel commerce platforms, using proven methodologies, deep technical expertise, and award-winning design capabilities.

“Working with Radial on this initiative has been a collaborative, rewarding process, and we couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Dave Barr, Executive Vice President at Lyons Consulting Group. “Leveraging our deep knowledge of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we successfully delivered a complex, multi-faceted integration that will greatly accelerate the path to unified commerce for retailers.”

Lyon Group’s Reputation as Salesforce Partner

Meanwhile, Lyons Consulting Group is a decorated Salesforce partner, having earned the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Global Sales Partner and Delivery Partner of the Year. It has so far delivered over 30 Salesforce integrations cartridges so far. As Radial’s new commerce partner, Lyons Consulting Group has also built the integration into its proprietary eCommerce accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This particular accelerator integration helps in streamlining the process for its customers to use the new cartridge.

Recent Updates from Radial’s Business

Radial offers magical purchase experience to customers by providing quick integrations for omnichannel commerce. Radial Omnichannel Technology, which is a modular, cloud-based suite of commerce tools and solutions, enables users to deliver seamlessly coordinated customer experience in minimum clicks.

Radial’s decision to extend integrations on Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes within a month of appointing their new CEO. On February 22, the omnichannel commerce technology provider announced the appointment of Matthew J. Espe as Chief Executive Officer. As the new CEO, Espe will be piloting the transformational change in the organization, implementing technologies to improve efficiencies.

In November 2015, Sterling Partners led a consortium of buyers to acquire Radial (formerly known as eBay Enterprise, Inc.), following the Sterling-led acquisition of Innotrac Corporation in 2014.

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