Rakuten selected as Brazil’s Best e-Commerce Platform Yet Again


Rakuten Was The First Company to Provide Technology For Virtual Stores in Brazil

Rakuten Digital Commerce has been selected as Brazil’s best e-commerce platform for the second year in a row. Developed by the Centro de Inteligencia Padrao (CIP – ‘Standard Intelligence Center’), the BR Week award selects companies that are leaders in the industries where they operate. The awards ceremony took place on June 26 in Sao Paulo.

The evening witnessed other highlights around retail suppliers including Microsoft winning an award in the Business Intelligence segment, Oracle being awarded in the Big Data category, IBM for Business Process Management, SAP for inventory control and ERP, Google for its analytics tool, and Serasa Experian for credit management and evaluation.

Rakuten Digital Commerce was the first company to provide technology for virtual stores in Brazil. Today, as a subsidiary of Rakuten Inc. of Japan, it combines knowledge of the local market with the high performance solutions in E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Digital Marketing and the sharing economy. The Rakuten Group has more than 14,000 employees and operates in 29 countries and regions.

Rene Abe
Rene Abe, CEO at Rakuten

According to Rakuten CEO, Rene Abe, these awards serve as validation from the market of the quality of work that companies are delivering. Abe said, “It is an honor that we are among the winners once again.  This positive feedback from the industry makes us believe that we are on the right path, providing the best solutions for online retailing and contributing to the evolution of the whole e-commerce ecosystem. This is our primary goal.”

Criteria were fine-tuned for this third edition, which made winning this award,tougher than previous editions . A breakdown of criteria was added to the BR Week 2017 Award and that incorporates seven dimensions namely financial, operational, human resources, information technology, clients, e-commerce and management. Firms operating in the retail sector competed for the award.

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