SingleComm Helps Beachbody Increase Sales Call Efficiencies & Drive Revenue


SingleComm’s Proprietary Technology Hastens Scripting Process By Eliminating Programming & Enabling Real-Time Script Changes

SingleComm announced today that it has been working closely with Beachbody, the billion-dollar health and wellness company behind P90X® and INSANITY®, to improve call center efficiencies and drive revenue growth.

While SingleComm  provides a variety of contact center solutions, it is the company’s Dynamic Scripting & Conversation Platform that has performed especially well for Beachbody, a direct sales company that often has as many as 75 promotional scripts active across a dozen call centers.
Lee Swanson, SVP of Telemarketing at Beachbody.

“Making modifications to scripts used to take an enormous amount of time, which posed a risk to our revenue stream,” said Lee Swanson, senior vice president of telemarketing at Beachbody. “SingleComm’s scripting technology has allowed us to modify our promotional scripts quickly using our own in-house personnel. By eliminating the need for numerous outside programmers, we’ve saved time and money.”

Call center agents follow scripts in order to provide an effective and consistent customer experience ensuring compliance while closing sales. The ability to test a script’s efficacy is critical to a direct sales company’s bottom line. After gauging a script’s performance and identifying what is working and what is not, companies frequently want to modify their scripts. Historically, this modification process has taken between three to six weeks because the development teams of each individual call center had to make the changes on their individual decentralized platforms. SingleComm has streamlined this process, accomplishing in a few days what used to take weeks.

“Our Dynamic Scripting & Conversation Platform eliminates the development time that has long plagued the testing and modification process that’s so crucial to successful campaigns,” said Michael Puccinelli, CEO and co-founder of SingleComm.

“What’s more, we’ve put our clients in control of the process so they can make the script changes they want and have those changes become active, simultaneously, across multiple contact centers and multiple channels.”

SingleComm’s Dynamic Scripting & Conversation Platform provides real-time data so sales directors can determine the efficacy of their various offers and scripts. The platform allows companies to use this data to perform in-the-moment adjustments, and also to instantly validate those adjustments. Since in-house staff can make script changes themselves, the need to engage expensive and time-consuming coding by outside programmers is eliminated.

“Speed to market has been the biggest benefit we’ve derived from the SingleComm tool,” said Beachbody’s Swanson, who added that SingleComm saved his company approximately $100,000 annually on script-building costs alone.

Savings on the script-building process are small relative to the increased sales made possible by a company’s ability to instantly activate more effective scripts.  By making script changes in real-time, SingleComm estimates that large direct sales companies can realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue each year.

Puccinelli concluded: “The fact that SingleComm is helping Beachbody increase efficiencies and revenues is very satisfying. We’re thrilled to be working with one of the world’s leading direct sales companies, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship.”

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