Chatcast Turns Facebook Messenger into an Enterprise-Class Marketing Channel


 Chatcast introduced its new SaaS-based “messenger marketing” platform that enables brands to broadcast news, offers, and media content directly to their fans via messaging apps. Currently available for Facebook Messenger, with support for other messaging apps coming soon, the Chatcast platform allows any organization that uses email or social media – including retailers, musicians, sports teams, political candidates, news organizations, and more – to reach their fans through messaging apps.

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Scott Edmonds

“People are increasingly using messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Slack to communicate, which has made it much harder for brands to reach their customers and fans through other channels. For example, social posts and email only get seen by about 20 percent of your audience. Chatcast gives brands a high-impact way to get in front of their target audience. Chatcast messages get seen by 100 percent of the people who really want to see them, so organizations can drive more sales, raise more money, or get more people to their events. Chatcast turns Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps into your most powerful marketing channel,” said Scott Edmonds, co-founder and CEO of Chatcast.

Chatcast combines the ubiquity and ease of email marketing with the immediacy and impact of instant messages. Chatcast helps brands build a subscriber list with its powerful growth tools, then makes it easy to compose, schedule, and send messages to the list. Marketers can instantly see who is opening and clicking on the messages, and then refine who they’re targeting using Chatcast’s tagging, progressive profiling, and CRM sync functionality.

Beta customers report nearly 100 percent delivery and open rates for their messages, with click-through rates of 30 percent or more.

How Chatcast works:

Chatcast allows fans to opt-in to receive messages from your business with one click. The tool automates the entire back-and-forth conversation, welcoming new subscribers and progressively profiling them with surveys to help you better understand your social audience.

Chatcast “Message Composer” enables you to create, preview, schedule, and send messages in seconds. Chat messages are much easier to write and consume than emails, and Chatcast also gives you the ability to add links, photos, videos, and audio streams to your messages.

Chatcast Analytics gives rich insights into an individual’s likes, preferences, and past interactions with messages over time. By focusing on both demographics and past behavior, you can have nuanced 1:1 conversations with a large database of people.

Finally, Chatcast will also hook into popular business applications such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Hootsuite, and SendGrid, allowing you to segment and trigger your messages based on a wide range of other customer lifecycle and behavioral data.

“We designed Chatcast with larger brands in mind, which is why we’re focusing on CRM and marketing cloud integrations right out of the gate,” added Edmonds. “With Chatcast’s ability to match social records with CRM data, customers will be able to build messenger marketing into their multi-channel campaigns, and do things like trigger emails based on messenger campaign results, or vice versa. Our progressive profiling capabilities will also enable customers to enrich their understanding of their audience and better target their campaigns. Using Chatcast is a great way to modernize your marketing stack.”

Chatcast was founded and is backed by early pioneers in the Facebook ecosystem and marketing automation, including co-founder and CEO Scott Edmonds, employee #10 at Marketo; co-founder and CTO Christian Taylor, founder of Payvment (the first Facebook e-Commerce platform); and advisors Ethan Beard, former Director of the Facebook Developer Network; Jon Miller, co-founder of Marketo and founder and CEO of Engagio; and Leyl Black, former head of communications at One Medical.

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