Class-Leading CRM Platform Front Row Solutions Significantly Improves Integration Capability


72 percent of CRM customers indicated they would trade functionality for ease of use

Front Row Solutions (FRS) announced that it has significantly improved the integration capability, functionality and security of its class-leading CRM platform, which is available for mobile devices (iOS and Android), and via desktop client over the web.

Through a streamlined and user-friendly interface, Front Row Solutions gives management and mobile workers an immediate overview of productivity, activity and performance. This real-time business intelligence is used to improve efficiency and effectiveness at both individual and team levels, establish best practices, monitor and enforce compliance, drive strategic planning, optimize resources, and more.

The latest version now features extensive improvements to the platform’s API and web services, which supports faster and more secure integrations. Key areas of improvement include:

New Integrations: Front Row Solutions now seamlessly integrates with a wide range of SaaS solutions, including most CRM and ERP platforms.

New Integration Team: Front Row Solutions has established a new team that is dedicated to integration-related strategies and improvements. The team is led by an integration specialist, and includes operations personnel, app specialists, security analysts and programmers.

New Security Enhancements: Front Row Solutions has enhanced its security package with industry-leading technology that encrypts data-in-motion and data-at-rest. To date, the platform has passed scheduled and unscheduled PEN tests by some of the worlds leading pharmaceutical and financial institutions.

New Financial Package: Front Row Solutions has created a new financial package to help organizations integrate the platform at a lower price point, and with a faster deployment schedule that does not trigger disruptions or down time for legacy systems (e.g. Salesforce).

Etien D’Hollander
Etien D’Hollander

Etien D’Hollander, President, Front Row Solutions, said,“There are many good CRM systems in the marketplace, but most of them are weak in two critical areas: usability and integration. Our platform has always led the way on usability, because we deeply understand what mobile workers and management teams need to succeed. Studies show that 72 percent of CRM customers indicated they would trade functionality for ease of use.”

D’Hollander added, “Now, based on consultations with our customers, we have made it even simpler, faster and safer for organizations to integrate Front Row Solutions with their legacy systems, and ensure that their customer-facing workforce accesses the reliable, real-time business intelligence they need to do what matters most: drive customer experience, shorten sales cycles, increase deal sizes, and boost win rates.”

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