What Representatives Wish Customers Knew Before Calling In


More Than 1,200 Arvato Customer Service Representatives Share Tips, Insights to Help Customers When Reaching out to Contact Centers

Leading customer service provider Arvato announced survey findings from 1,261 customer service representatives across the globe, revealing what they love about their job, the biggest challenges they face and tips to help customers solve their issues faster. The six top tips for customers to keep in mind include:

1. Pick Up the Phone. While chatting online to resolve an issue is easy (in fact, 32 percent of representatives agree), nothing beats the phone if you have a big problem. Fifty-three percent of surveyed representatives say interacting with a customer over the phone is the easiest way to solve a problem.

2. Don’t Be a Know It All. While swearing or yelling at representatives seems like it would be the worst thing you could do (and 12 percent agree that it is), the most frustrating thing a customer can do, according to 30 percent of representatives, is to think that they already know the answer to the problem before they call.

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3. Go Ahead and Escalate. While customer service representatives are empowered and trained to directly solve all of your issues, some more complicated inquiries are best left to a manager. Fifty-one percent of representatives agree asking to speak to a manager is the best route for escalating a tricky problem. What won’t help is complaining on social media or calling back and asking to speak to someone else: only three percent of representatives suggest either of these routes.

4. Don’t Be a Jerk. Overall, 34 percent of representatives say that dealing with unreasonable customers is the most challenging part of their job. Next time, have a friendly attitude, which 26 percent of representatives say is the most helpful thing a customer can do.

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5. Hold Your Horses. It’s no secret that patience is a virtue. Twenty-one percent of representatives are frustrated with impatient customers, and—rightly so—eight percent dislike getting cut off when they’re speaking. Just remember how patient they are with you next time you don’t have all of your paperwork ready. That only aggravates four percent of representatives.

6. Strike Up a Conversation. Next time you’re dialing in, don’t worry about being too chatty on the phone—only five percent of representatives listed this as an issue.

Customer Service Confidential: Survey Findings Reveal What Representatives Wish Customers Knew Before Calling In
Fara Haron

Fara Haron, CEO of CRM Solutions, North America and Philippines, Arvato, added, “We hope this survey sheds light on valuable information to help customers as they reach out to contact centers and partner with our representatives along the way. While the job of a customer service representative has always been challenging, advancements in technology are making their roles more complex, and their input and opinions more valuable than ever. We value the work they do on the front-lines each day and the pride they take in helping customers.”

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