Dynamic Activity Management, a Whole New Level of Intelligence, Flexibility and Transparency


Pipeliner CRM Announced the Release of Its Latest Version Called Universals

The lifeblood of any sales cycle is the actions and activities taken by both seller and buyer. By providing an even greater level of visual insight and flexible management control over these activities, Pipeliner CRM brings a level of predictability and transparency unrivaled in the industry. Now with the ability to customize activities using Pipeliner’s easy to use administration interface, organizations can now even more closely reflect their own unique sales processes and ensure a greater level of uniformity in the execution of a sale.

To further ensure Salespeople are always up-to-date and informed about anything happening that could impact a sale, Pipeliner CRM has added In-App Notifications. Now when new data is added or existing data is updated in leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts or activities or when emails are received, documents uploaded, or when a colleague sends a message, the user is immediately informed from right inside the application.

Pipeliner’s standout Insights feature is also enhanced to display even greater visual insight into lead and opportunity conversion metrics, sales cycle velocity, and performance comparisons between salespeople, teams territories. Included is the ability to use the Power Panel to filter views to display the KPIs and data most relevant to a particular user.

Nikolaus Kimla
Nikolaus Kimla

“Our Pipeliner CRM Universals release delivers the most effective and dynamic Activity Management capability of any CRM on the market today. The reality is that any sales cycle is made up of actions taken and tasks and activities completed by both seller and buyer. With this release we are now able to provide a level of management and visual insight to both salespeople and managers to allow for a whole new level of efficiency, predictability and focus within the sales process,”  Nikolaus Kimla, Founder and CEO, Pipeliner CRM said.

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