Fosina Marketing Expands Direct To Consumer Marketing Capabilities

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The Firm Continues to Evolve to Meet Client Needs

Fosina Marketing Group, a leading digital marketing services agency with a focus on optimizing Direct-to-Consumer acquisition and customer retention for highly recognized brand clients, announced an expansion to their robust tool kit.

Jim Fosina
Jim Fosina

“Product Loyalty has shifted from the consumer being loyal to the brand and now the brand must be loyal to the consumer as defection is just one click away from the competition,” said Jim Fosina, Founder and CEO of Fosina Marketing Group. Fosina goes on to say, “Companies must pivot to the new consumer purchase and consumption behavior and therefore, Agencies must provide a real-time suite of tools that work in complete tandem that allows for accountable “Up Funnel” purchase path campaigns that drive acquisition and retention results that are aligned with Return on Investment and Life Time Value goals and objectives.”

Marina DiDomenico EVP and CIO of Fosina said: “For the past 15 years, we have always understood that tools alone do not create compelling solutions for clients and that our innovative strategies ultimately make all the difference.  The combination of our new informative technologies and our highly experienced Direct-to-Consumer Team is a high power solution to the new emerging consumer market.”

Fosina already reaches customers and manages transactions in the millions by providing Strategic Consulting, Creative Design, Website Development/Hosting, Order Transaction, Subscription CRM, Merchant Processing Options, Media Planning/Procurement, Customer Service Management and Warehouse/Shipping execution. To compliment and achieve the goals of its clients, Fosina has now added a fully integrated suite of tools and dashboards including:

  • Social Media Monitoring, Campaign Management and Customer Engagement.
  • Influencer Channel Marketing Campaign Management and Source Optimization.
  • Paid Search Campaign Management, Deployment and Return on Result Optimization.
  • Email Campaign Deployment, Delivery and Reputation Management.

Jim Fosina said, “Our clients work so hard on product innovation and creating consumer demand….our sole goal is to help them realize a direct reach to consumers without them having to give up the majority of their margins to the likes of Amazon Distribution Gorillas.  It’s time for Brands to fight back and we look forward to helping create winning solutions.”

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