Maximizer Software appoints Leasba Consulting as Certified Solutions Provider


New Partnership to Bring Increased Customisable And Tailored CRM Solutions To The Spanish Market

Maximizer Software, a leading CRM solutions provider, announced the appointment of Spanish IT consultancy, Leasba Consulting as a Certified Solutions Provider. Leasba Consulting, who are experienced ERP providers, are partnering with Maximizer in order to expand their offering and help to grow their own and Maximizer’s presence in the Spanish markets.

Based in León in Spain, Leasba Consulting have been working within the software development sector for over 10 years providing IT services. Leasba Consulting also specialise in business intelligence and Big Data development.

Maximizer aims to provide its customers with a competitive advantage while simultaneously helping to strategically grow their business through its highly customizable solutions. These work to optimise sales productivity, boost marketing activities and improve customer service. Leasba Consulting are keen to monopolise on the opportunity to introduce Maximizer into Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.

“Our appointment as a Maximizer Certified Solutions Provider is very exciting for us as it provides access to new markets and new business opportunities. There were multiple reasons why we wanted to embark on this new partnership, what stood out was the efficiency and user-friendly features of Maximizer. However, the most compelling factor was the ease at which Maximizer can be adapted and integrated with other systems. We hope that this new partnership will provide an optimal return on investment for both companies,” Francisco José Bermejo Campazas, Partner and Project Manager, Leasba Consulting said.

Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson, Managing Director EMEA, Maximizer Software said, “Since our initial meeting with Leasba Consulting, it was clear that this partnership would be strategically beneficial to both companies, especially by growing Maximizer’s presence in Spain. Leasba Consulting recognised the unique qualities of the Maximizer product could broaden their appeal so the partnership would not only help them to grow their bottom line, but also to break into new markets all while growing Maximizer’s presence in Spain.”

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