Salesforce Announces Salesforce Data Studio, A Trusted Data Sharing Platform For B2C Marketers and Publishers

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced Salesforce Data Studio, a data sharing platform designed to connect data owners with buyers and create new marketing opportunities for audience discovery, sharing and activation. Part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Data Studio enables marketers to expand targeted reach with valuable audiences, provides publishers a secure way to monetize their audience data assets and empowers any data owner to directly provide their data to buyers.

Acquiring new customers is the lifeblood of marketing. While legacy data exchanges and marketplaces have provided a way to acquire new audiences, they lack trust and transparency while adding too much cost and complexity to data provisioning and activation. They were designed by and favor the middlemen, the data brokers and resellers. For marketers, this means they rarely gain assurances regarding the fair price and origin of the data they acquire. Meanwhile, publishers are less willing to share their best data and can’t realize the full value of any data without the right tools to provision it to marketers. Both sides worry about losing too much value to the brokers and resellers who manage the majority of data exchange transactions today.

Announcing Salesforce Data Studio
Salesforce Data Studio overcomes the inadequacies of legacy data exchanges and marketplaces. With Salesforce Data Studio, the data is fully controlled by data owners, not brokers or resellers, so buyers and sellers can transact with confidence in a transparent and secure environment. Software-enabled data governance tools allow for a highly granular way to control access to data: what attributes are shared, to whom, for what use case and for how long.
Salesforce Data Studio delivers:

  • Deeper Customer Insights with New Audience Discovery and Search: Marketers, agencies and publishers can now better understand existing audiences and discover new ones to drive more revenue. New Audience Discovery and Search combines insightful reach, overlap and indexing tools into one easy-to-use, consolidated experience, providing instant insights into available data and how it relates to a brand’s owned data.
  • More Reach for Marketers: With limited first-party data and commoditized third-party data, marketers need access to quality second-party data to discover new audiences, enrich consumer profiles and reach new potential customers. For example, Conagra, owner of brands such as Hunt’s Tomatoes, leverages Salesforce Data Studio to find health-minded home cooks on popular recipe sites. Marketers who have embraced Salesforce Data Studio include some of the world’s largest brands, including Anheuser-Busch, Conagra, Essence, Heineken, Infectious Media, Keurig and Super Digital.
  • More Revenue for Publishers: Now publishers can tightly control who can access data, set rules for usage and control pricing. For example, Tronc (formerly Tribune Media) has found new revenue streams through making its high quality data available to a wide array of large advertisers. Publishers who are using Salesforce Data Studio to safely share data with trusted partners and advertisers include Bazaarvoice, Digital Trends,  Fanserv, Gatehouse Media, H Code Media, Kayak, Leaf Group, Penske Media Corporation, Publishers Clearing House, Ranker,, Univision, The Enthusiast Network and Townsquare Media.
  • Jon Suarez-Davis
    Jon Suarez-Davis

    “Data is giving rise to a new economy,” said Jon Suarez-Davis, Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. “Salesforce Data Studio extends Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s leadership in data management, providing a trusted and transparent platform for premium data so publishers can drive new revenue streams and marketers can secure higher return on ad spend.”

  • Scott Messer
    Scott Messer

    “Salesforce Data Studio is our first choice for data monetization,” said Scott Messer, vice president of content channels at Leaf Group, the publisher of sites including eHow, Techwalla, and Livestrong, among others. “Salesforce Data Studio does not take a principal position in our data, and enables us to deal directly with the demand side, while having highly granular control over our data and how we share it to trusted partners.”

  • Christy Kazlo
    Christy Kazlo

    “When we started using second-party data, it was quickly clear that the quality and results were more accurate in some areas to that of the third-party data,” said Christy Kazlo, Director of Marketing Technology at Conagra Brands. “There’s a place for both in our business, and Salesforce Data Studio is fundamentally changing the way we think about our overall data mix.”

  • Scott Denne
    Scott Denne

    “Data has always been the currency of marketing, yet, much of today’s data was designed for yesterday’s marketer. It’s often optimized for scale, not precision, and its sources are inscrutable,” said Scott Denne, Analyst, 451 Research. “Salesforce Data Studio enables marketers to tap into data that aligns with their own unique needs by pairing them directly with publishers and other data owners.”

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