ACTIVE Network Launches New Digital Marketing Service Designed to Help Its Customers Increase Participation in Activities and Events

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ACTIVE Network, the premier global marketplace for activities and events and an industry-leading provider of intelligence solutions, announced the launch of its digital marketing services designed to increase participation and brand awareness for its customers’ activities and events. The new consumer demand generation offering enables activity organizers to take full advantage of popular online channels, such as social media and search engines, which have grown in sophistication in the last few years. This full-service digital marketing offering is immediately available to ACTIVE customers around the world.

ACTIVE’s end-to-end consumer demand generation services include comprehensive management of digital advertising, from campaign setup through ad creation and testing, day-to-day bid management, optimization, and reporting. Its team of marketing professionals use programmatic advertising as well as targeted digital channels, such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram to reach prospective participants, allowing organizers to increase exposure of activity offerings while providing maximum return on digital marketing advertising spend. Organizers that participated in ACTIVE’s pilot program of the service averaged over 300% return on the participating organizers’ advertising spend.
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Dana Jones

“Digital marketing continues to be one of the most cost-effective and targeted ways to reach a broader, more focused audience of potential participants. With ACTIVE’s consumer demand generation services, organizers can leverage ACTIVE’s rich digital marketing expertise and data-driven business intelligence to drive improved brand recognition and increased registrations – all within a budget that advances the bottom line,” said Dana Jones, chief executive officer for ACTIVE Network.

Configured to meet the needs of its diverse customer base, ACTIVE’s consumer demand generation services are available to organizations of all sizes, from the world’s largest events and event series to local summer camps and classes.

“We are thrilled to deliver a comprehensive digital marketing service that will enable our customers to connect with more participants. We will continue to aggressively invest in delivering the marketing technologies and services our customers need to increase participation in their activities and events,” said Jones.

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