Aptrinsic Raises $7.2 Million in Series A Funding, to Help Companies Personalize Product Experiences

Aptrinsic Expands Its Product Experience Platform to Orchestrate Account-Based Engagements

Founded By Former Marketo Executives, Aptrinsic Is Fueling The Next Generation Of Product-Led Go-To-Market Strategies For Saas Companies

Aptrinsic, a SaaS startup, announced a $ 7.2 million Series A funding round co-led by Storm Ventures and Opus Capital. Aptrinsic enables businesses to personalize their product experience to acquire, retain, and grow their customers. The company helps software companies in creating personalized customer relationships based on product behavior, account data, and mobile engagement.

Series A Funding within a Year of Launch

Nick Bonfiglio,CEO, Aptrinsic, who was formerly EVP of Global Product at Marketo, and Chief Product Officer Mickey Alon, previously founder and CEO of Insightera (acquired by Marketo in 2013) founded Aptrinsic in September 2016. Bonfiglio said, “Your product is your best sales tool and our mission is to help our customers unlock its potential. The Aptrinsic platform empowers companies to increase the lifetime value of every customer by using behavioral data to deliver personalized in-product journeys and moments of engagement. This enables companies to transform their software products into a primary customer acquisition channel.”

Aptrinsic Maximizes Customer LTV for any SaaS Product

To create richer and more personalized product experiences, software companies need to aggregate various types of customer data — not just profile data, but account and product behavioral data, too. However, that’s only the first half of the equation. Companies must also possess the capability to create real-time engagement. Without both halves of the equation, SaaS companies are simply flying blind.

Tae Hea Nahm, Managing Director at Storm Ventures, said, “The Aptrinsic leadership team built very successful products at Marketo and Insightera. Now, they want to help others build successful products by creating personalized product experiences.”

Aptrinsic provides SaaS companies with all three of these mission-critical elements: user, account, and product behavioral data, coupled with the capability to leverage this data into real-time omnichannel engagements and the ability to experiment.

Micky AlonMicky Alon said, “Leading companies are fundamentally changing the way they think about customer experience and customer engagement. In an Everything-as-a-Service world, we’re seeing more companies transitioning into a product-led go-to-market strategy that relies on providing access to a product early in the buying process, and then using customer behavior as a primary driver of customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.”

Products Offered by Aptrinsic

Currently, Aptrinsic offers personalized in-product messaging, content marketing, product engagement, audience analytics and customer segmentation. The product personalization features available are: –

  • Experience Builder

Customer engagement tool that helps users to adopt the most relevant features based on their intent and stage in the customer lifecycle.

  • Real-Time Segmentation

Optimizes different customer segments by leveraging third-party data and custom events. Marketers can build real-time segmentation based on customer lifecycle stage, product usage, demographic, and company data.

  • Product Insights

CMOs and CPOs can actually see and understand the exact ROI of each product feature and know which customer segments are generating the most revenue.

  • Audience Explorer

Generates an integrated view of the customer’s behavior, demographics, and company data. Marketers can verify their attribution models by analyzing the customer’s success path and where they are in their journey across various channels.

  • Platform Integration

Aptrinsic simplifies MarTech integration with leading technology platforms, bringing enriched engagement experiences by leveraging an ecosystem of partners.

Intrinsic Point

Intrinsic Point is Aptrinsic’s content platform for customers and B2B marketers where they could share ideas, stories, and strategies on how to build and grow personalized products.

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