Aptrinsic’s Product Experience Platform Empowers SaaS Companies to Acquire, Retain, and Grow Customers


First Complete Product Experience Platform Enables Saas Companies To Increase Product Adoption And Time To Value For Their Users

Aptrinsic announced a product experience platform to help SaaS companies acquire, retain and grow customers by personalizing their engagements based on product usage and in-product behavior. Designed for product managers and product marketers, the Aptrinsic platform enables SaaS companies to deliver great product experiences by guiding their customers to really know, love, and use their products.

With so many software products available and low switching costs, competing solely on features and pricing is not enough for software companies to stay competitive. Instead, delivering a personalized product experience is the new SaaS mandate. A study published in the HBR found that subscription customers who had the best experiences were 74 percent more likely to be subscribers one year later. Conversely, customers who had the worst experiences were only 43 percent likely to renew.

To acquire and retain customers, SaaS companies need to demonstrate their core product value quickly and continue to contextually engage their customers with new product capabilities and features. Aptrinsic’s product experience platform is a framework that enables software companies to do just that. With it, they can reduce time to value for new users, increase product adoption, and identify crucial customer segments to make informed decisions on what features to build next.

Nick Bonfiglio, CEO and co-founder of Aptrinsic, saw the need for a better approach to improve product adoption and retention while he was EVP of global product at Marketo, “We had no firsthand data about how our customers were using our products, which meant we couldn’t make feature decisions based on true insights. With Aptrinsic, we’ve built the product that I wished we’d had at Marketo. Aptrinsic goes beyond in-depth product and behavioral analytics; we enable SaaS companies to personalize a user’s adoption journey while they are using your product.”

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