Clicktale Report: Digital Body Language Must-Have Standard for the Next Wave of Digital Commerce


Clicktale Study Shows Why A Frictionless Digital Experience Is Key To Driving Business Results

According to the latest report by Clicktale, customer experience is the new currency for online businesses. Companies need to learn how to interpret digital body language and revolutionize the way they deliver and measure experience, or risk losing revenue. Digital body language has become the must-have metric for the next wave of digital commerce.

With unique behavioral data, clear visualizations, and world-class customer experience expertise, Clicktale is driving the “Experience Era” for the world’s leading brands.

Online Businesses Focus on Wrong Measurements; Fail at Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

Tuval Chomut, CEO, Clicktale, said, “There is a clear and powerful relationship between experience and revenue, but online businesses are currently missing a huge opportunity because they don’t really understand what customers want. They don’t understand how to create exceptional experiences for their customers, because they are focused on the wrong measurement.”

Tuval added, “Clicktale collects thousands of interactions per second to build a picture of each and every digital customer. We call this digital body language. Our approach takes a giant leap forward by allowing us to understand the intention of those visitors and tell us not what they just did, but what they hope to do.”

Despite companies spending millions, driving people to their websites, conversion rates have remained static at 3% or under, for over 20 years. Clicktale’s guide highlights that interpreting a customer’s subconscious online behavior, or Digital Body Language, is critical to understanding customer intent and building experiences that inspire loyalty and drive revenue.

What is Digital Body Language?

Digital body language is a combination of all the digital gestures and micro-signals made by customers. Using these signals, marketers can identify patterns and anomalies to infer behavior, mindset and intent, in the same way that a good sales person would in a store.

By capturing millisecond-level data of a customer’s digital experience and analyzing that using cognitive intelligence and data science, Clicktale has uniquely simplified visitor behavior into five mindsets to help its customers create innovative experiences that best speak to the customer’s intent.

Alex Allen, CMO, Spring Venture Group, an insurance broker specializing in the sale of health and life insurance saw a huge opportunity to marry the company’s data science and marketing departments to make the most of every digital interaction to positively impact the customer experience and drive tangible business results.

Allen said, “Our biggest metric is response time – if we don’t respond to a potential lead within 60 seconds, the chance of converting that customer falls dramatically. Our marketing activity is already sophisticated, but Clicktale has taken this to the next level by matching our precision timing, so that we can utilize digital interaction data. Clicktale makes it possible for us to measure digital gestures to reveal the customer intent behind every lead, so that we can prioritize, plan and make decisions in real time.”

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